WTF Is a Postpartum Retreat? You’ve heard of a birth plan; it’s time for a postpartum care plan.

By Ruthie Friedlander

Everyone’s journey to becoming a parent is unique, but there’s one common truth: bringing home babe is HARD STUFF. There’s newborn feeding. There’s sleep training. There’s meal prep for yourself. There’s swaddling, bathing, diapering…and let’s be honest, a lot of this you may have never done before. 

You always hear people say, “babies don’t come with a manual,” but what if they did? Imagine there was a physical place with a single mission to help you better understand your baby and feel confident in the most important job you will ever have. A luxurious center where you could heal, learn, and, dare you to imagine, relax during arguably the most vulnerable time of your and your little one’s lives? After spending 9+ months taking care of yourself, why do we stop when the baby comes? 

Enter Boram: a luxury retreat center focused exclusively on postpartum care. And before you freak out that something like this exists, know that in other places in the world, namely Korea, 75% of women check into a postpartum care facility like this in the first 1-6 weeks after birth to recover. This isn’t simply a chic resort to sleep in a cozy bed (note: their beds are ridiculously cozy). It’s an immersive experience to help new parents step into a new role and gain confidence.

“Our care team consists of postpartum doulas, specialized newborn & maternal nursing assistants, and newborn care specialists,” the Boram team tells us. “We offer one-on-one coaching and cover a variety of topics including breastfeeding and latching support, techniques to soothe your baby, baby-wearing, meal preparation and education on nutrition after birth, screening for postpartum mood disorders.” So practically all the things you panic Google late in the night? They’ve got an expert to help you with that.

While there’s no typical day at Boram [each stay is individualized to the family’s needs] here’s a taste of what you’ll get: 

In Boram’s 24/7 Baby Room, a team of experts will care for your babe while you get the rest that you need to recover from labor in the Mother’s Lounge (stocked with HATCH goodies, of course). There, you can socialize with other new mamas, chill out, snack on some nutritious goodies, or just be. When your brain needs a little stimulation, you can join a parenting workshop, led by world-renowned experts on topics ranging from early lactation to sleep habits.

The research speaks for itself. Having a dedicated postnatal care plan improves the health and wellness of both mama and babe. Boram enables you to focus on your needs as well as your newborns so you can prioritize your own health during this vital stage.  

“There is a sophisticated network of postnatal care facilities in Korea,” founder Boram Nam tells us. “The US doesn’t currently have anything close to that. I also think there’s a difference in expectations for new mothers. Though some Asian cultures are very fast-paced, postpartum is still considered a time to slow down. In the US, parents aren’t even granted proper maternity and paternity leave. Culturally, we must empower mothers in knowing that it’s okay to take time off and build a society that supports new parents.” Nam cites more dedicated spaces for breastfeeding as one example. “We’re having conversations with companies about offering Boram as a part of their employee benefit packages and hope to work with insurance companies in the future to make Boram more accessible,” the founder explains. “Ideally, this would become the norm across the country.”

Boram’s first location is located on the 9th floor of the gorgeous Langham hotel in New York City, only a few subway stops away from the HATCH Upper East Side Store. With your stay, you get all of the accommodations of the Langham, in addition to Boram’s unique offering. Rates range from $2,500 for 3 days, $4,200 for 5 days, and $5,000 for 7 days. To book your stay at Boram, visit