woman feeding baby bottle in dresswoman feeding baby bottle in dress

Postpartum Style Is All About Loungewear Onesies aren't just for your babe

By Babe

This really goes without saying, but giving birth is a big deal. It takes time to recover and may take some time for it all to really sink in. A new baby is a big adjustment, even if it’s not your first go around.

It’s a transition period that is an important time for both you and the baby. It’s a time where you get to share new experiences and bond together more and more each day.

That’s why we made the finest collection of postpartum lounge sets — because you and your baby have some serious lounging to do together. And because you’ll be spending this special time together, each piece in this collection is, of course, made with your baby in mind too.

Check out this buyer’s guide to get the rundown on the lounge sets you need in your life once the baby arrives. With these sets, you can rest assured that you and the baby will be cozy, comfortable, practical, and stylish as well. 

Onesies for Mom Too

There’s a good chance that the person reading this is currently involved with onesies more than they have ever been before in their entire life. If it’s not already, your life is about to become full of them. 

You’ll probably open a bunch of them at the baby shower. You’ll probably have more than one with little animals on them. You might even have one with a hood that turns your baby into a cute little animal. 

Since the baby is going to have plenty of them, shouldn’t mom get one too? With comfort, practicality, and the onesie fashion trend in mind, we think you definitely should. It’s fun, fashionable, and feeding-friendly. Plus, if you find a similar colored onesie for your little one, you can match!

The 24/7 Feeding Jumpsuit

If there was an official momsuit, this 24/7 Feeding Jumpsuit might be it. It’s a softer-than- clouds cotton material with a dainty pointelle pattern. It comes in blue-grey and in black. It’s the outfit you put on, and then you suddenly understand how cozy your baby must be in their soft onesies. 

It’s the perfect outfit to put on and just vibe out with your new baby. It’s sort of like a pair of overalls but super soft and meant for feeding, light activity, and cuddling. 

Nurse to Errands Onesie

A casual piece made from luxe French terry, the Nurse to Errands Onesie is a fun and fashionable outfit. It’s versatile and easy to style, meaning that it will see a lot of use as you and your new baby go out on adventures together. 

It’s also designed with breastfeeding in mind and has pockets made for diaper cream, spit-up rags, and other tools of the trade. It all comes together with a front waist tie. Another mom power suit for crushing the day to do. 

The Daily Feed Jumpsuit

Made from a luxe cotton blend, this fine waffle knit jumpsuit has the comfort of a swaddled baby and the attitude of a supermom. It’s got two front pockets (baby wipes, pacifiers) and a button front ideal for nursing. 

And since you’re going to need every second of sleep you can get, it’s cozy and ready for a nap at a moment’s notice (whether it be on the couch, on the rug in the baby’s room, or theoretically even on your bed). 

Nursing Dresses

These nursing dresses are where form and function collide with moms in mind. They’re both fashionable and practical. 

Considering that a breastfeeding mom will spend an estimated 1,800 hours breastfeeding over the course of a year, sometimes you’ll need to do it in a dress. Working 40 hours a week for a year comes out to 1,960 hours, meaning that breastfeeding is basically a full-time job in itself. 

Each detail of these nursing dresses has been combed over and designed with maximum comfort and ease for you and your baby in mind. Now, you can feed and be fanciful at the same time. 

The Softest Rib Nursing Dress

‘90s trends are coming back around, and this Softest Rib Nursing Dress takes some of that inspiration and offers a stylish design for nursing mothers. The empire waist and ultra-soft ribbed fabric say it all, and when a piece of clothing looks and feels this great, you’ll find plenty of reasons to wear it. 

The Visitor Dress

Another part of Hatch’s loungewear capsule collection, this luxe French terry dress hits on all fronts. The style is easy for anyone to wear and looks incredible. Designed for nursing and made for style as much as napping on the couch, The Visitor Dress could easily become your favorite piece in your postpartum wardrobe.

The material itself will blow you away; it might compete with your baby’s bottom as the softest thing in your house. Offered in three different colors: black, fatigue green, and oat melange. Which one(s) you get is basically the only question left about it. 

The Organic Cotton Nursing Night Dress

This piece is a cute cottagecore night dress that you can wear out and about with sandals, sneakers, or boots. It is, of course, made with nursing in mind.

In this design, it takes the form of a button front closure and an elastic band along the back. Careful design features ensure your favorite cotton dress will fit the same as your body changes during and post-pregnancy. 

We must also mention the adorable balloon sleeves and toile-like print, all constructed from a super soft organic cotton jersey that breathes softly, even when your baby is screaming. 

Separates for Nursing

As much as you’ll love wearing onesies for moms and nursing dresses, there’s certainly still a place for some basic tops and bottoms as a new mom. These shirts and pants are familiar staples upgraded with the details and features that nursing mothers and their hungry babies appreciate. 

The Easy Access Nursing Henley

A stylish henley made from a cozy waffle material, this maternity shirt will work for you throughout the day without hindering you from your mom duties. The shirt is designed with a relaxed, flowy cut that’s meant to drape nicely over your baby bump.

The Easy Access Nursing Henley is a staple piece that is easy to style and incorporate into different outfits. Whether you’re heading out to show your baby something they’ve never seen before or staying in to try and get some rest: this henley makes a strong case to be worn time and time again. 

The Long Sleeve Nursing Tee

A long-sleeve nursing tee made from 100% organic Pima cotton is here to answer your call. There’s a very good chance it will be your softest and most comfortable long sleeve t-shirt (an item that’s always a welcome addition to the wardrobe). 

What makes it a nursing tee, and an incredible one at that, is the layered design. There is a discreet second layer at the front of the shirt that you can pull open for quick and easy feeding access.

It’s kind of like a little curtain that your baby gets to chill behind and eat lunch, dinner, and snacks. Awesome for baby, cozy for mom, and you might even get a meal in before anyone even notices. 

The Over/Under Lounge Pant

Stretchy pants are, for some reason, the go-to option for all kinds of superheroes. That includes moms who are in a superhero league of their own. The Over/Under Lounge Pant is a stretchy pair of pants meticulously designed and created for moms to wear both before and after delivery. 

They’re super stretchy, which means you can wear that both over and under your baby bump. The fabric is soft and won’t rub against or irritate your skin, making them ideal as part of any Cesarean after-care routine

You can feel tucked in and secure or loose and relaxed based on how you choose to wear it. Go in between chill mode and power mode as needed!

Cozy, Stylish, Practical: They Come as a Set

Congratulations! You’re a mom, and that is a unique title that never loses its grandeur. You can wear these lounge sets like garments of royalty. They will serve you well as you and your baby enjoy the earliest days of your lifelong bond.

Wear them out, wear them in, wear them all the time if need be (or if you just want to, because why wouldn’t you). Each piece is a fine blend of luxury fabric, practical designs, and stylish silhouettes that will help you start off your newest chapter like a dream.