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5 Reasons Every New Mom Needs a Postpartum Recovery Plan Anya understood the assignment.

Postpartum recovery is one of the most challenging phases in a woman’s life, but since birth and parenting plans get all the attention during pregnancy, most new moms don’t have a plan for their own recovery. After childbirth, the changes that happen during pregnancy don’t disappear overnight—it’s more complicated than that. Having a baby kicks off a new stage of physical, hormonal, and emotional recovery that can last up to two years. Meanwhile, moms in the US are expected to bounce back—heal, return to work, and adjust to a new lifestyle—all without the support other cultures understand is so critical.  

Enter Anya, the company on a mission to offer new moms the supportive, clinically backed postpartum solutions they need. After two years of collaboration with Eastern and Western practitioners including OB-GYNs and herbalists, Anya created the First-of-Its-Kind Postpartum Recovery Plan: an ever-evolving monthly subscription service that supports a new mother’s needs as they change throughout the postpartum period, covering issues such as birth recovery, post-nursing care, nutrient replenishment (or restoration), and hair loss.  

Here, some simple ways to help get through your postpartum recovery.

It’s time to change your vitamins

Women’s nutritional requirements change and increase with the demands of postpartum recovery and lactation. Continuing with your prenatal vitamins isn’t the best course of action, since they aren’t designed to address these specific postpartum needs. Anya’s Postnatal Multivitamin + Omega 3 supplements provide the adequate nutrients that are recommended for postpartum women. The Recovery Tonic delivers 100% of the daily value of vitamin C, which is critical for healing and tissue formation, plus herbs to help offset the rise in inflammation.

Get support for the milk supply chain

Milk supply issues and nipple pain catch many new moms off guard and are among the most common reasons women don’t reach their breastfeeding goals. Anya Lactation Tea is packed with 8 prolactin-boosting galactagogues and herbs that support supply, and silky-smooth, organic Nipple Balm is soothing and safe for breastfeeding.

Help get your hair growing

More than 50% of moms experience hair loss starting around three months postpartum. Anya’s nongreasy Scalp Serum nourishes the scalp, stimulates hair follicles to support healthy regrowth, and only takes five seconds to apply—no wash needed.

You’re exhausted—Anya can help

Sleep deprivation is one of the most common new-mom struggles—it affects blood pressure, cortisol levels, metabolism, and postpartum healing. Anya Energy Tonic contains vitamin B12, chromium, and additional nutrients that safely support sustained energy without caffeine and help moms stay hydrated.

Special deliveries save time (and sanity)

Anya did the R&D so you don’t have to, and your monthly Recovery Plan is customized to include exactly what you need when you need it (you can pause, skip, cancel, or order extra anytime). No more searching the whole internet for solutions or wondering whether something is safe. Every Anya product is doctor-reviewed, safe for breastfeeding moms, formulated with clinically backed ingredients, and 100% clean, vegan, and nontoxic.

Feel better sooner with a monthly Anya subscription —or try any three products with the Starter Kit. And consider all those but-what-does-she-need conundrums solved: Anya also offers one-month gift subscriptions and gift sets for the new and expecting moms in your life.

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