Yes, You Can Pump While Caring For Your Mental Health And other things we love about Real, the mental health app

This article was written in partnership with Real.

In September, we took a group of expecting mamas on the Ultimate Mama Moon. Was the location spectacular? Yes. Were the spa treatments epic? Yes. But what truly made this trip were the conversations the mamas-to-be had with one another over coffee at breakfast or tea before bedtime. Each woman shared what they were excited about, anxious about… ALL THE THINGS, as the kids say. (And yes, by that, we are implying that there was postpartum sex talk.)

Thankfully, we teamed up with our friends at Real to help us navigate these conversations. Rachel Hoffman, Real’s Chief Clinical Officer, kicked off a spirited discussion about intimacy during and after pregnancy, and the entire group opened up. 

But let’s go back to the basics. What is Real? 

Real is an innovative mental wellness membership designed to fit your busy schedule and specific needs, which is super necessary if you are expecting or just gave birth. 

Getting mentally healthy is not one size fits all, and that’s where Real comes in. They’ve built an entirely new therapy model rooted in health equity, affordability, and preventative care. Through what they call “Pathways,” Real allows members to access care affordably, anonymously, and on their terms. In layperson’s terms, you can care for your mental health while pumping. 

Not only can you do it anywhere, but you can do it anytime (during the 20 minutes babe isn’t screaming) and relisten to sessions as needed (cue: A Real Moment “Compassionate Self-Talk” when mother-in-law who loves the phrase “Breast is Best” is en route).  

Whether using Real’s Pulse, a guided check-in tool to help you evaluate and track your wellness each month, engaging in Pathways, on-demand, interactive programming, or dropping into therapist-led virtual events, there’s a path towards mental health for you at Real.

Real helps people – with programming specifically for mamas – develop usable skills to better their mental health. It meets you where you are, even if “where you are” is outside your 2-year-old’s drop-off music class. 

Head to Real, select monthly, create an account, then enter the code HATCH at checkout to get started on a free month of Real.  And for ongoing mental health tips, follow Real on Instagram @joinreal