The founders of Sage + Sound sitting on a couch.The founders of Sage + Sound sitting on a couch.

These Mama Founders Are On A “Wellness, Your Way” Mission for Mother's Day Just in time for Mother's Day

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This article was written in partnership with Sage + Sound.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we sat down with the mama founders of Sage + Sound, a wellness destination offering curated programming, products, and self-care services in a revitalizing and approachable environment. At Sage + Sound, you can find celebrity-beloved facial treatments, Oprah-approved sound meditation practitioners, and just about everything in between. The hook? However you want to do wellness, you can do it there.

The brand’s go-to catchphrase, “wellness, your way,” speaks directly to mamas at all stages of parenthood.  As parents, despite how often we forget, it’s essential to prioritize our wellness in order to be present and supportive of our kids. Here, co-founders Lacey Tisch and Lauren Zucker, both moms of two, share their insights on the importance of wellness in parenting and how their brand can help expecting and new moms on their journey.

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According to Lauren, integrating mindfulness techniques, such as breathwork and meditation, can help create calm in children’s lives. These practices can be especially useful when children face challenges like nervousness before a test or a Lacrosse game. Lacey emphasizes the importance of leading by example, showing children the value of self-care and wellness by taking care of oneself first. You know, the whole “gasmask on yourself first” thing. 

Both founders believe in the importance of movement and helping children discover their passions. Lauren states, “Movement is really important in my life, and I think it’s crucial from a wellness perspective to reinforce with kids.” By encouraging children to be active and find activities they love, parents can help foster a foundation for lifelong wellness.

Sage + Sound offers various wellness services and experiences, from facials to coaching and community classes. Lacey explains their goal is to “honor everyone’s needs and wants in their wellness journey.” For expecting moms, Sage + Sound provides prenatal massages, pregnancy-friendly facials, and nontoxic nail care, among other services. Lauren notes that they work with trusted practitioners and products to ensure the safety of both mom and baby.

The facial suite at Sage + Sound.

For new or expecting moms considering starting their own business, Lacey advises, “Don’t be scared. Your kids want you to succeed, and if you have a dream, whatever that is, follow that. That shows your kids that you’re brave and you’re willing to show them that they’re strong enough to go after their dreams.” Lauren adds the importance of allowing grace and being gentle with oneself as a mother, emphasizing that it’s okay not to be perfect all the time.

In response to the needs of their community, Sage + Sound is launching a new workshop called Parenting with Presence in partnership with Cooper. This program supports moms by providing tailored classes and fostering connections through shared experiences.

The Study at Sage + Sound

By embracing wellness in our daily lives and leading by example, we can create a supportive environment for our children and empower them to prioritize their well-being throughout their lives. Visit Sage + Sound to explore their offerings and learn more about their upcoming Parenting with Presence workshop.

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