Sarah Larson Levey on prioritizing movement and keeping it all together postpartum.

By Babe | Photos courtesy of Sarah Larson Levey

The founder of the rockin’ yoga studio and community, Y7 dishes on life postpartum with her two littles in tow. Here’s how she’s keeping it all together, from her postpartum uniform to Y7’s new online platform. It’s all in a day’s work for this mama. Read on…

So how is life going with two?

What’s one thing that surprised you about life with two? Oh its going…haha…life with two is WILD. It is definitely a bigger adjustment than going from 0 to 1, meaning that its more chaotic. With just Lee, we really did “nap when the baby naps” a lot. Now with two thats impossible – we are constantly with one of them. I am surprised about how well I am doing with such little sleep! I had a hard time with the middle of the night feedings with Lee, but even though Lilah is waking up more I am able to function way better. 

How did you prepare Lee for Lilah’s arrival? (Did it work?)

We talked about it A LOT. From the moment we found out I was pregnant we started talking about a baby coming and what that would mean for our family. We got a couple books about being a big brother, which we would read with him all the time. I think the thing that had the biggest impact was ensuring him how much we love him, how important he is to us and nothing will ever change that. 

How was your birth? Did it feel similar to your first? How or how not?

My birth was great! Way easier this time since my water broke naturally and my labor was about half the time. The second time around I had way less anxiety about the whole process and greater trust in my body, just knowing that I had done this before. 

How has your postpartum journey been?

Have you been leaning into self-care or diet/wellness regimens during this time? It’s been very difficult. Having a newborn and a toddler who wants my attention has been really tough, especially in the beginning and I didn’t expect to have such big feelings around Lee not being an only child anymore. I haven’t had much time to lean into any self care which is something I should do but the reality of raising two kids and having a business is that I just have to put that on the back burner for now. One thing I make sure to do at least 4 times a week is workout – I have really been leaning hard on our Y7 Online platform right now which has great 30-45 minute options that I can squeeze in when I have a moment. 

If this moment in your life was a song, which one would it be?

LOL The Excavator Song by Blippi… send help. 

What’s your postpartum “mom style” looking like these days?

Any pieces you can’t take off or are saving you?? Lets just say there is no style. But. My signature look is black leggings, scrunched socks and a black tee. Ive also been throwing on oversize sweaters for some variety. 

So much of motherhood is about the juggle. Can you provide any insight or hacks/tricks into how you make the magic happen in your family everyday?

Schedule-wise or sharing the load with others etc? Oof. No hacks. Its truly just figuring out what works best for you.  My husband and I have worked really hard to communicate each others needs (with the help of our therapist) and what needs to be prioritized in our household. We also know our strengths. I am the night owl – I solely do nights with Lilah so Mason can do mornings with Lee (ie wakeup, making breakfast, packing his lunch and school drop off). 

Let’s talk about movement! Where did movement fit into your pregnancies and postpartum experiences? How did that change with each pregnancy and after?

Movement is something I prioritized during both of my pregnancies. I deal with anxiety and depression in my non-pregnant state and knew that I wanted to set myself up for success when it came to recovering from birth. I saw and continue to see a trainer twice a week to focus on strength and either do a pilates reformer class or Y7 online to support my mobility, flexibility and peace of mind. My routines stay pretty consistent except for the weight load and pace. 

How has your relationship with movement evolved or shifted now that you’re a mom?

I am way more committed to movement now than I was before kids. I now move with more purpose – to keep my body in the best condition I can so I can keep up with them and stay healthy. There is nothing more important to me than being able to enjoy life with them. 

What’s the latest with Y7? What’s coming down the pike?

We just launched the new Y7 Online. Our online platform is something that we have been working on for over a year and are so proud to have launched with synced music in partnership with Universal Music Group. It is truly one of the best digital experiences on the market. 

How has your vision of wellness evolved over the years?

Where do you see the future of the wellness movement going? Wellness is becoming more of a lifestyle. It’s not just being seen at the newest fitness class  now like it was a decade ago. Its about moving for the purpose of moving and doing things that make your body feel good. Its about nourishing your body and soul with good food and good relationships. As a studio owner for us this means we are meeting our clients where they are, no matter what stage of life they are in – which is what is so beautiful about Y7 Online, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the content and accessibility.