Say It Like It Is These moms weigh in on breastfeeding.

When it comes to breast or bottle, every mama has a story tell. This month, in honor of Breastfeeding Awareness, we reflect on the powerful and personal experiences of a few moms we adore. 

Ahead, from donating breast milk to droopy boobs, and challenging moments too, we celebrate the often confusing reality of sustaining life via this beautiful, intimate act between mother and baby.

Ashley Wright

Living in her truth as a single mother of two, this motivating mama shares her epic story from homelessness to coming into her own as a new mom. Herein, this tower of strength shares on the power of breastfeeding, postpartum care, leaning into her tribe, and the importance of holding space for herself. @mswrightsway

“I’m on a mission to shift the narrative about breastfeeding past one-year-old while disrupting the tired perception of what single motherhood looks like.”

Brooklyn Decker

Down to earth and very real, this Austin-based actress, that’s “moonlighting” (as she would say) as a tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Finery— a platform that catalogs your online buys and manages your closet — is never not in motion. With two careers and two kids, Brooklyn shares what she’s learned in business, why most women will spend more on clothes than education in their lifetime, plus babies, breastfeeding, and her bicoastal company. @brooklyndecker

“I used to have huge boobs, but after breastfeeding my kids as long as I did, the life has been fully sucked out of them. GONE! And, I’m thrilled about it! I was never a fan of my chest – so droopier, smaller boobs make me very happy.”

Denise Vasi

The first time we hung with Denise, founder of MAED, she was pregnant with her second. Now, with a little girl and a baby, we caught up with this NYC born, LA-based stunner on life with two, observing quarantine, and giving back. @denisevasi

“For me, breastfeeding has been a beautiful way to bond with my babies, but it didn’t always come naturally. Even the second time around!”

Lulu Brud

Like the sun, Lulu beams goodness. Her road to becoming a mama, while long, was filled with healing, strength, and love. From a late-stage miscarriage to the birth of her son Wilder, this ray of light has beautifully settled into the rhythm of new motherhood. Here, she shares her experience from breastfeeding to bottle, the First 40 Days, laughing on the regular, plus, the importance of community and simple rituals. @ladyluofthewolves

“I breastfed for the first six months and loved it! Although he was an eating machine so I switched to formula around five months to keep up with demand. Initially, I was disappointed, but after some soul-searching, I let go and gave myself a break. In the end, I was grateful to have been able to breastfeed him for as long as I did.”

Kathryn Brolin

It’s no wonder that Kathryn, the founder of Midheaven Denim and wife to Josh Brolin, has the sweetest baby, considering how lovely she is. Strong, thoughtful, calm, and stunning, she shares the intimate details of Westlyn’s birth, the reality of breastfeeding, and her postpartum recovery. @kathrynbrolin @midheavendenim

“Breastfeeding is incredible NOW. But, in the beginning, it was like going to war. My hormones were bouncing all over the place, and I couldn’t distinguish between rational thoughts and crazy thoughts.”

Britt Maren

Wellness obsessed and self-proclaimed arbiter of sweets, Britt is settling into new motherhood (from home). Stunning, this superstar mom shares the feel-good details of donating her breast milk plus, their work providing food to local hospitals in the wake of COVID-19, what she’s baking (cue sweet tooth), and her self-isolation fitness tips. @b_maren

“My body over-produces milk, so much so that I started donating my extra breast milk to parents in need. Initially, to a woman that wasn’t able to produce and now to a gay man that’s about to adopt a daughter next month; I’m helping him build his supply before she arrives.”