Should I eat my placenta?

The act of eating your placenta following delivery is a very hot topic these days. It even has a name: placentophagy. It’s all very new age glam, where celebrities ranging from Kourtney Kardashian to Alicia Silverstone have hailed its many benefits. Because your placenta connects you and babe in the uterus and delivers all of their nutrients, oxygen and hormones, many think  it can raise your own energy levels, help with breast milk quantity, level off your hormones and supply you with crazy nourishment. While these claims have not been tested, and while no actual studies prove that eating your placenta can offer any benefits, if you’re interested in doing it, then go for it! Find a professional who can make pills for you, namely a midwife or specialist, and see what happens! Or you can always take it home directly following your birth and stir fry that sh*t UP, mama!