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Slide Into Our DMs Check out what's making the rounds in the Babe team chat.

By Babe

We’re giving you a tour of the Babe team’s Instagram chat, where we’re firing memes, videos and news of the day back and forth at pretty much all hours. Whether it’s a cartoon that makes us laugh out loud, an anti-choice law that leaves us totally enraged, or just a sweet moment that embodies life as mom, here are just a few examples of the wow-worthy content we’re sharing these days.

Bobbie’s Take Our Leave Campaign

Our friends over at Bobbie created an ad that made us proud to know ’em.

Complex Drops THIS News

Because it’s about. effin. time.

Big Little Feelings Sharing Truths

Definitely didn’t get this memo ’til it was too late.

That Look At Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court Hearing

We’re still kvelling.

Becky Barnicoat’s LOL Comics

Because TMI is our mom friend love language.

Sophie Power’s Overall Badass-ness

The ultra-athlete pulls the curtain back from her own postpartum journey.