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Revolutionizing Motherhood with Bite-Sized Wisdom Welcome to Swehl School.

By Ruthie Friedlander

Welcome back to another week of Mom Schwing, where we delve into must-know products and services for our amazing mamas! This week’s spotlight shines on the Swehl School, an innovative platform breaking down the complexities of motherhood with its trove of expert-led videos. Tailored to every stage of your parenting journey – whether you’re expecting, nursing, a supportive partner, or simply curious – Swehl School’s easily digestible, fun, and supportive content is just what the doctor ordered. 

Ever felt the rush of new motherhood, with its steep learning curves around seemingly ‘natural’ processes like breastfeeding? Swehl School bridges that knowledge gap. In true Babe fashion, we’re giving you the unfiltered lowdown on this game-changing initiative. So buckle up as we explore the world of Swehl School – your one-stop shop for all things breastfeeding, from educational resources to physical tools, all in 1-2 minute, bite-sized videos. No paywalls, no hassle – just the real, raw journey of parenting. Stay tuned to uncover how Swehl School is rewriting the rules of maternal education and support.

Okay, so let’s get into it. What is Swehl School? 

Swehl School is a collection of 75+ expert-led videos about pregnancy, breastfeeding, and everything in between. 

Swehl School is for the people! We created unique paths depending on your stage in the journey: breastfeeding, pregnant, partners (heyo!), or just curious. The fact is, everybody could use a little more intel on their anatomy.

What made you want to create this?

Elizabeth and I both took prepping for labor seriously, so we were pretty shocked when we realized how hard breastfeeding came to us (isn’t it the most natural thing in the world?!) The truth is breastfeeding is a learned skill with a huge learning curve, including its own language, rules, and more. We wanted to create videos that were easy to digest, fun to watch, and offered true support no matter what your feeding journey looks like.

What makes Swehl School different from other things out there?

Our videos are bite-sized at just 1-2 minutes long (who has the time with a newborn?!), but what we’re most excited about is that they are an accessible resource for those in need. You won’t find a paywall at Swehl, and our core belief is that education should be free.

Swehl School lives within the larger brand of Swehl. Tell us about what else your brand offers.

Some truth: breastfeeding is as emotional and mental as it is physical, and we knew we needed to support all facets of that experience. Swehl is a one-stop shop for all things breastfeeding; in addition to our educational videos, we also created game-changing physical tools (like our Latch Kit). Our community deserves multi-faceted resources, and Swehl provides them under one dare we say “swell” roof.

When Swehl’s founders became new parents at the height of COVID, they immediately saw the chaos, confusion, and alienation of the breastfeeding industry. They looked at the mess of devices on their counters and thought: there has to be a better way. So they set out to remove as much friction as possible from the breastfeeding experience. The result: streamlined tools, inclusive education, and safe spaces for parents to connect with each other.