The Beach Tent They'll Actually Like There's a pool in there.

By Babe | Photo courtesy of Mono Beach

“Get a beach tent,” they say. “Your baby will love it,” they say. 

Really? Have you ever seen a baby just SIT in a beach tent without realizing that there’s absolutely nothing to do, nothing going on, no one to play with, and that ALL of the action at the beach is taking place outside their two-feet by two-feet tented cell?

Until now.

The geniuses over at Monobeach have created the ultimate beach tent for your babe that not only keeps them cool, but keeps them busy to boot. Its Pop Up Baby Beach Pool Tent is a classic baby beach tent complete with 50+ UV protection, but it’s also got a little carved out mini pool at its base that allows them to play in the water while safely in the shade. Talk about fun outside of the sun. Our only question is, can we fit in there?