Pregnancy friendly shoes on a pregnant woman with a child.Pregnancy friendly shoes on a pregnant woman with a child.

The Benefits of FRANKIE4 Shoes for Moms-to-Be Discover your pregnancy stride.

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This article was written in partnership with FRANKIE4. Use the code “HATCH40″ to redeem $40 off your pair of FRANKIE4 shoes through August 1st.

Pregnancy is an exciting journey filled with glowing skin, lustrous hair, and…oh wait, did anyone mention how it takes a toll on your poor, unsuspecting feet? Well, fear not, because we’ve got your back (or rather, your feet) covered with FRANKIE4 shoes.! We know that comfort is key, but who says you can’t have style too? FRANKIE4 shoes are not only scientifically designed to provide exceptional support and comfort, but they also make you look fabulous while doing it. Say goodbye to foot-related issues and hello to happy feet throughout your pregnancy.

Here, we chat with Cathy Barnett, FRANKIE4’s CEO of North America, and look at some of the amazing features that make FRANKIE4 shoes the perfect choice for expectant mamas everywhere.

How do FRANKIE4 shoes provide support and comfort to expecting mothers during pregnancy?

I remember when I was expecting my daughter and the one thing others never warned me about was how hard it was going to be on my feet, and how much they would change after having her. I really wished I had a shoe offering that wasn’t just comfortable but actually supportive and scientifically good for me. We believe that health is a long-term investment wherever you are on your journey; that’s why our pairs are designed to provide exceptional heel, arch, and forefoot support, without sacrificing style. Our footbed and layered support and cushion systems are at the core of our creations. It’s this innovation in style that means our pairs are equipped to be worn all day, any day. And for new mothers, that means a lot!

What features of FRANKIE4 shoes make them an ideal choice for moms-to-be experiencing foot-related issues?

We know that health issues can come up when we’re pregnant. One example is pregnancy-induced plantar fasciitis (caused by the chronic strain of the plantar fascia, a fibrous band that helps support the arch of the foot). Other potential health concerns include decreased joint stability, weakened muscle strength, and the effects of the hormone relaxin, which can cause pain in the hips, knees, and back as the body changes throughout pregnancy. 

It’s the technology in our pairs that makes FRANKIE4’s a great choice for moms-to-be. Our renowned footbed, expertly balanced heel counters, and precisely placed foam lining are just some of the design features our pairs are engineered to address these needs. This technology aids in our pairs’ ability to help rule out the need for any wear-in period and relieve pressure and rubbing.   

How can FRANKIE4 shoes improve posture and reduce the risk of falls for pregnant women?

Throughout pregnancy, health will be your sole focus—and this now extends to your feet. Some of the biggest concerns are slipping and posture. To help give more support, many of our pairs are fitted with slip-resistant soles, and you can find details on our website. Our podiatrist-designed technology also helps support your ideal posture as you move through your day.

In what ways do FRANKIE4 shoes cater to the changing needs of a woman’s feet throughout pregnancy?

We love to say, “think of your feet as sisters, not twins!” and this is never more true than during the journey of pregnancy. That’s why FRANKIE4 enables women to customize their fit with our Sole Saver Pack™, which comes in every box of our sneakers, boots, and most of our flats. This pack includes ingenious components that can be swapped out for your perfect fit, whether narrow, regular, or wide, without having to opt for a specific fitting shoe. It can also be accommodated as the feet change throughout pregnancy to what’s most comfortable for each foot. 

What sets FRANKIE4 shoes apart from other footwear options regarding pregnant women’s well-being?

Over the past decade, the market has offered the consumer the construct of ‘customization’ in many different categories, including beauty and supplements. So many categories have been ‘disrupted’ with a focus on personalization to create products for your specific needs, but I hadn’t seen anyone do this with perhaps one of the most essential categories for overall physical wellness, footwear. Your feet can change when you’re pregnant and might affect your entire body, including your posture, and spinal health. With our Sole Saver Pack™ you can customize your fit as your feet change and know that you’re getting cushioning, cradling, and support while not having to compromise your style.

How can moms-to-be choose the right FRANKIE4 shoe style to suit their lifestyle and personal preferences during pregnancy?

Our wide collection ensures a pair of FRANKIE4s for all moments throughout your day. From sneakers to dress flats, boots to heels—and incredibly comfortable slides to slip into after a long day. Our advice, then, would be to invest in classic styles that leave you feeling great, celebrate your signature style, and make the most of our Sole Saver Pack™ to pamper yourself a little bit more during this incredible time of your life. 

This article was written in partnership with FRANKIE4. Use the code “HATCH40″ to redeem $40 off your pair of FRANKIE4 shoes through August 1st.