The Minimalist's Guide to Packing Your Hospital Bag Because you don't need that.

By Danielle Halibey | Photo courtesy of HATCH

Once you hit 35-37 weeks in pregnancy, you’ll be getting all those alerts on your preggo apps about making sure your hospital bag for labor/delivery. Maybe you’re especially psyched to start getting ready —similar to when you’d curate for camp/vacay with all the adorbs trial-size amenities and go HAM in Target —or maybe you’re dreading it because packing sucks, plain and simple, and laying on the couch watching Schitt’s Creek all the way through for the 4th time is >>>> the task at hand. It can also be a very different POV if this is your first baby versus your third, fifth or final pregnancy.

We here at Babe have def overpacked for occasions, but we can also totally get behind a hospital bag that isn’t brimming with extras. You, your partner and your baby being comfy and supported throughout your hospital stay is the only thing that matters. So, instead of stressing over the stuff, spend more time thinking about the must-haves you’ll want on-hand for all the hard parts and happy moments born from this major time in your life. 

Take a peek at our maternity sets and separates, great adds for your bag, and remember that a little luxury hits differently when you’ve just had a tiny human emerge from your body. If there was ever a time you needed something buttery soft on all your bits (vag, boobs, belly and nips), this is it. That goes for the all-important first meal after birth, too. You’ve worked hard for it, mama, so don’t feel bad about sending someone out for that breakfast sandwich, replete with runny egg deliciousness.    

And so, the minimalist hospital bag enters the chat. Take a peek and, seriously, don’t dismiss the hair saves. Nine months of pregnancy-related growth and knottiness (plus some probable spit up or colostrum sprays in your strands, post-birth, if breastfeeding is part of your journey) isn’t easy to run a comb through. But for what it’s worth, that’s just a confession from a painfully-hair-tangled mom of three…