The Pieces You Need for a Stylish Nursery Curated by Sara Friedlander, deputy chairman at Christie's.

By Babe | Photo courtesy of @nicolelelagreen

As deputy chairman at Christie’s, and with a specialization in post-war and contemporary art, Sara Friedlander’s barometer of taste is no joke. Whether it’s the latest mid-century modern piece for the New York home she shares with her husband and daughter, Helaina, 4, and son Izzy, 18 months, or a simple feeding bib, Sara approaches motherhood with the same standard of style that she does everything else. So when it comes to the nursery, we had to get the scoop on the pieces she was jonesing for while pregnant. “Those first months can be dark so try to create a space that you actually want to spend time in and remember your newborn will be comfortable wherever you are,” says Sara. “Plus, if you’re questioning your decisions or what you’ve done with your life, you might as well sit in a comfortable chair and look at something chic on the wall.”

Sara Friedlander’s Nursery Registry