The Top Baby Name Trends of 2023 Hello, Saffron.

By Anna Ephron Harari | Photo courtesy of The amazing Baby Name Book

In the recent spate of creative baby naming, there are now infinite options to choose from. While this abundance of endless options is amazing, it can feel a little overwhelming for the modern parent to name their child. It might be helpful to narrow down the field by first picking a category. That way you can draw on personal significance, set a theme for future siblings, and help yourself by limiting the amount of options from infinity to a little less than infinity. 

Here are some trending categories as suggestions. 

Names Immortalized by Songs

Naming your child after a song (Jolene, Jude or Georgia) sets an instant soundtrack to their life, and the name you choose is already guaranteed as one that inspires, connects a community, and of course has a rhythmic sound that rolls off your tongue. 

“It Girl” Names

“It Girls” (Clara, Iman) used to be women who influenced fashion and culture, and that still stands. But in the twenty-first century (and before) the list should include women who influence humanity and kindness and extraordinary achievement . Examples include Ruth, as in Bader Ginsburg, because she redefined the Supreme Court and looked glam while doing so and Malala, as in Yousafzai, because no one is too young to make a difference. 

Spices as Names

Spices give us flavor and variety, and inspire nostalgia passed on from generation to generation. Naming your child after a spice (Clove, Coriander, or Saffron), especially one that is personally meaningful and used often in your family, signifies your child’s integral and game-changing place in family life.

Colors as Names

Naming your child after a color (Amber, Aqua, Auburn, or Chartreuse) predetermines them as a visual and creative soul, and gives your child a bold palette to style their life. 

Names Associated with Water

Jacques Cousteau said that “the water cycle and the life cycle are one.” Water is our main source of life, and naming your child after a body of water (Jordan, Nyla or Yangtze) or a water term (Ocean, River, or even Wave), ensures their connection to nature, beauty and sustainability. We would also suggest Cousteau as a first name!

This list has been adapted from The Amazing Baby Name Book for this article. Check out the book for further name suggestions and the stories behind the names, including an array of other themes such as “Names that Sparkle” and “Primo and Prima Ballerina Names.”