Woman in her Third TrimesterWoman in her Third Trimester

Everything You Need in the 3rd Trimester

By Babe

You’re about to cross the finish line of your pregnancy — it’s the third trimester. Give yourself a pat on the back and raise a mocktail in honor of you. 

Despite the celebration, many women find that entering the end of the Bump Era can be a strangely stressful time. Despite all of the joy in knowing what is to come (a wonderful new addition to your family), a lot of nerves start unraveling surrounding uncertainties.

Like, how will you decorate the nursery? What if something goes wrong during delivery, and what do you need to pack for the journey? The questions are endless.

To turn your attention to the good, try to focus on what you can control (or watch adorable videos of puppies online). You can control your wellness and what makes you feel great. You can control your birthing plan (to some extent, but not really) and who you want in the room with you, whatever you decide is best.

Perhaps the most important thing to do in your third trimester is to enjoy yourself and find happiness in small moments of peace. Life is about to get pretty crazy really soon!

What’s Going On Inside

Before we jump into products that can aid you on your relaxation journey, let’s delve into what’s going on inside of your body during this time. More specifically, let’s delve into what is going on with the resident of your bump: your baby.

You’re Glowing and They’re Growing

Just before they make their big entrance, your baby will begin to sense light and its fluctuations during this period. Some babies will grow hair. Babies’ bone structure will harden to make an adorable (and strong) full musculoskeletal system.

Their organs will fully develop along with their nervous system. They are far more likely to kick harder due to their strength (think: tough bones) and weight that is increasing with fat retention. It’s a full-on one-baby wrestling match here, mama.

As you enter your third trimester, your baby will range somewhere between four inches long and weigh about two to four pounds.

Depending on how your baby grows and how much nutrition they are getting, they should be about 18 to 20 inches long and weigh seven pounds or so at birth. Checkups on your own health and the progress of your baby will occur periodically when you hit the 30, 34, 36, 38, and 40-week marks.

Of course, all babies are unique, and these numbers are just averages. Some babies are smaller; some are bigger, but they are all perfect bundles of love (who are trying to kick your insides).

Bodily Impacts

Now that we’ve covered the belly deets, let’s chat about what mamas are doing in their third trimester (other than chillaxing hardcore). Common issues include heartburn in the form of disruptive acid reflux, tender breasts, problems with a routine sleep schedule, short breath, and hemorrhoids. (Yeah, so that’s not quite the most Instagram-worthy part of the pregnancy journey.)

Most likely, a lot of these things will go away soon after you give birth. But you can also do little things to help make them more tolerable. For example, you can try to kick your heartburn to the curb by avoiding irritable foods and asking your doc about antacids.

Crack Your Back

The extra strength of your almost fully-developed baby is definitely noticeable by the third trimester. Back pain is common for most mamas, and the impact of adding so much weight onto your stomach so rapidly can be a big adjustment for other parts of your body to support. 

Lower back pain is easily alleviated, or at least greatly aided, by visiting a chiropractor and physical therapist. They are exceptional at evaluating the pressures on your back and can also undo knots and tension in your hips as well as reduce pelvic strain.


It’s not uncommon for your limbs to swell as you enter the third trimester of your pregnancy if they haven’t already. Typically, the most swelling is the worst in feet and ankles but can really occur anywhere. Keeping these areas bound in tight clothing or covers can help to suppress the swell. 

Check out our Swell Relief Duo, a set designed with your comfort in mind. Entirely plant-based, gluten-free, and vegan, our Down, Girl Soothing Leg + Foot Relief cream is made to be applied to your extremities. Rub it circularly using your thumbs for optimal relief. Then, take a big sigh of relief, put on your favorite show, and eat a snack. Doctor’s orders.

As you’re relaxing, slip on the Compression Sock Bundle. These socks come in black and ivory pairs for maximum relief and maximum style.

Cause for Concern

Swelling can be common, but there are just some things you shouldn’t try to tough out on your own. If you begin to experience swelling that cannot be relieved by compression or a decrease in dietary sodium, it may be time to consult with a doctor. 

The Best Destress

It’s time to cram — not for an upcoming work deadline. Nope, it’s time to cram on sleep. Fill your tank full of those extra zzz’s. Need a little help? 

Maybe a pregnancy body pillow can do the trick. If you just can’t get in a comfy sleep position, or the swelling is its own kind of nightmare, these pillows are a hot contender for your next BFF.

We also recommend that you adopt a nighttime routine that fits your needs. We know you’re all busy, mamas. So if you have a little extra bandwidth, these routine ideas could be helpful:

  • Pick up a new book or your tried-and-true favorite.
  • Try out some light yoga that allows you to move without straining yourself or your baby.
  • Check out a new, binge-able streaming series and get your partner to watch it with you. 

Run a bath. Keep the water around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit and mix in some Mama Calm soothing coconut bath soak. Then, light a few candles and close your eyes to (literally) soak it in.

Cozy Counts

While it is likely that you’ve already purchased the majority of your maternity clothes by the third trimester, you may find yourself outgrowing those, too. 

At Hatch, we make maternity styles that are wearable every step of your pregnancy. We draw on our closest fashion friend trends: Elasticity and Give. Elasticity and give are the two biggest factors in making maternity wear worthy of the runway (and lounging by the pool).

Our Softest Rib Nursing Dress is a perfect late addition to a maternity closet. Better yet, it can even be worn after your baby has been born because it will mold itself to fit your changing shape.

You won’t need to use the nursing feature while pregnant (unless you’re breastfeeding another child), but it is super adjustable with a snap front placket that can remain closed at all times if necessary. It is 95% nylon and 5% elastane for the best amount of give and the best amount of chic.

Little Pleasure and Big Moments

Being pregnant doesn’t mean missing out on your favorite things. In fact, you can hold onto your favorite things or find new ways to adapt to keep that joy in your life.

Stay Cozy

If you’re still going to parties with friends or working from an office setting, you can keep it classy and casual with our Isla Maternity Pant. These utility pants have enough structure to support your belly but do not constrict you in any way.

In fact, they can be worn over your bump itself in a loose-fitted style (This is the ultimate high-waisted pants moment). The waist is 100% elastic, and with a fabric that is 92% cotton, you’ll be going back for a second pair.

Work It Out (If You Want)

Who says you have to give up exercise just because you’re ready to pop? While it is important to limit your physical activity to safe alternatives, staying in motion can be super helpful. Somewhere between 20 minutes and a half an hour of working out a day is great for mamas. Within this time, try incorporating light jogging or weights, but make sure to ask your doctor first.

Loving Yourself (Even When You Might Not)

Every stage of life has its ups and downs, including pregnancy. You might not love your changing body all the time — that’s totally normal. Toss some extra compassion your way and keep your eyes on the prize. Be positive with yourself, and uplift your body. It is a miracle maker, after all. 

No matter how you’re feeling, asking for help is one of the best ways to stay in a positive mindset. We all need a boost now and again, especially mamas who are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders (and the weight of a person in their bellies).