"This face oil has been a game-changer for my hormonal skin." Hello, Ultimate Glow.

By Babe | Photo by HATCH

“The second I got pregnant, my skin became ridiculously dry and sallow looking. Obviously I had to hit pause on my nightly retinoids for cell turnover, my salicylic acids for exfoliation, and all my hardcore formulations that kept me clear and glowing. I thought I was destined to look like sh*t for the rest of my pregnancy.

Then my beauty-obsessed bestie who had just given birth suggested I try this antioxident face oil by HATCH MAMA called Ultimate Glow. She said not only does it replenish and hydrate, but it delivers minerals, fatty acids and nutrients for calmer, more supple skin. I figured why not. I wasn’t convinced it would help, but I was pleasantly surprised when I woke the next morning looking like I had the “pregnancy glow” I kept hearing about. I even felt radiant. Ultimate Glow quickly became my prenatal go-to, and now, six months postpartum, it hasn’t moved from the VIP section of my beauty cabinet.”

– Emily B., Brooklyn, N.Y.