"The One Nursing Top That Saved My Mornings" Otherwise I'd never make it out of the house.

By Babe | Photos by HATCH

In our series, The One Thing, we’re polling women on the one thing that saved them during pregnancy and postpartum. Whether it was a shirt that got them out of the house and back to work, or a jumpsuit that made them feel just a bit more put together in their 39th week, these are the pieces that helped our mama community manage just a bit better on the journey….

“Once I had to go back to work, I needed clothing that not only solved for pumping, but nursing my baby before I left the house without then having to change. The Early Days Nursing Sweatshirt has a deep V-neck for feeding and side pockets, and a slouchy silhouette that still looks pulled together with a pair of jeans. I’ll usually layer it with a pumping or nursing bra or tank for easy access once I get to my office. It made mornings way less stressful and borderline manageable. Getting dressed is hard enough.”