This One Word Will Help You Keep Your Resolutions Peep it.

Work out more, drink less, find your gratitude practice. If these resolutions are a familiar refrain come January 1, just remember: a whopping 80 percent of people who make resolutions don’t stick to them. 

According to the professionals over at USC’s Performance Institute, who have spent years studying motivation, emotion regulation and behavior, there’s one key factor in creating resolutions you can stick with. Purpose. By encouraging people to reframe their resolutions to emphasize purpose-based performance, they’re likelier to see them through.

Purpose is associated with positive outcomes. Those with a sense of purpose make more money, cope better with life hardships and are healthier across the board. Organizations that foster or reinforce employees’ sense of purpose are now referred to as “high performance workplaces.” 

So the next time you’re thinking about eating way more greens than you want to be, reconsider the purpose. Is it just to look healthy for your social media, or to become healthier so you can enjoy all the years to come with your kids?

Purpose, people.