Those Dishwasher Pods Are Probably Dangerous Welcome to baby-proofing 101.

By Babe Photo by | @SafeSleepOnly

It’s hard to imagine in those early days and weeks that your little newborn burrito slumped in a Baby Bjorn will ever have enough neck control to be a hazard to themselves. But alas, at some point they’ll be toddling around sticking nearly everything and anything into their sweet lil’ mouths or banging their heads on that steel sculpture you brought back from Japan.

When it comes to baby-proofing, we say better safe than sorry, but also don’t kill yourself–or turn the home you’ve so carefully cultivated into a padded psych ward. (Remember when you said you’d never be that mom?) So if the concept of baby-proofing feels overwhelming, check out our cheat sheet below.

And when all else fails, call a baby-proofer.

The Baby-Proofing Cheat Sheet

  • All electrical cords should be hidden or taped against the wall
  • Cords connected to window treatments are major choking hazards, so they should be fastened to the wall
  • Never place an electronic item, ie a monitor or sleep machine in the crib with babe
  • All clutter (think paper clips, push pins, pens, batteries, pennies, your airpods) should be kept out of babes reach. Just remember, mama, if it can fit in a toilet paper roll, it’s a choking hazard!

  • All bookcases, chests, drawers and end tables that could tip over should be fastened securely to the wall
  • Place corner protectors on all sharp edges, ie coffee tables, dining room tables, consoles etc
  • Install gates near stairs and at the foot of the kitchen/master bathroom and anywhere else you don’t want these crazy babes going
  • Get oven locks and add locks to all kitchen drawers and cabinets (pots and pans, silverware, knives, blenders, basically all cooking utensils can be considered dangerous)
  • Those dishwasher pods are the perfect size to snack on. Stick to the liquids. (And keep them out of reach!)
  • Keep medicine securely stashed
  • Keep bathroom trash securely stashed
  • Keep cleaning products in a secure, hard-to-reach area and trade out any toxic solutions for all natural, organic options
  • Be sure to put pet food, water bowls or kitty litter in a safe place away from babe
  • Check that the crib is in line with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recommendations
  • Place covers on outlets
  • Use door stoppers and door holders to avoid finger crushing. Add door knob covers to keep babe from escaping (they love to escape)
  • Avoid tablecloths or any table top covering that a baby can pull off (along with everything else on top of it). It may look cool when a magician does it, but ya know….