Top Baby Name Trends of 2022 and What They Say About You We see you, Rogue.

By Babe | Illustration by Ana Hard

Every year sites like Nameberry and The Bump publish the top baby naming trends, and we are HERE FOR IT. We can’t wait to read about all the names we’ll hear shouted around the playground, posted on preschool cubbies, and circulated around the playgroup. So we’re breaking down the hottest names and naming trends of the upcoming year, and what they say about you, mama. Look, there’s a reason you named your son Wayne. We’ll figure out why.

TREND: Nature

NAMES: Bali, Bay, Coast, Dune, Forest, Ivy, Jasper, Koa, Lotus, Ocean, Palmer, Prarie, Reef, Sequoia, Willow, Woods, Wren

WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT YOU: You lived in Encinitas for three years, so you’re basically raising the next Kelly Slater. We get it. And yes, we realize your baby’s name came to you in a vision during that ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica. Just make sure they have the grooviest, retro Patagonia bunting on the market, otherwise it will all be in vain.

TREND: Celestial

NAMES: Atlas, Apollo, Aurora, Celeste, Leo, Nova, Orion, Skye, Soleil

WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT YOU: We know your baby’s name was predicted by your astrologist in 2007, and that not even your most reactive moonstone could talk your third eye out of it. Better invest in a telescope, because one day you’ll have to show junior their namesake constellation.

TREND: Retro

NAMES: Betty, Ella, Frank, Goldie, Gene, Gus, Nellie, Ray, Ralph, Sally, Victor, Vincent

WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT YOU: Break out the vinyl and turntables and fix yourself a virgin Tom Collins you old soul, you. The only rule with these cute old school names is that you must have three kids in order to form a doo-wop group.


NAMES: Astrid, Bastian, Cillian, Iskra, Lars, Laszlo, Magnus, Nikolai, Oona, Petra, Stellan, Svea, Viggo

WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT YOU: Your semester in Copenhagen (before it was hip) makes you more than qualified to title your child with a European-inspired name. Add a “von” somewhere in your last name and you’ve got “Oscar-winning director” vibes before your kid hits preschool.