Tori Praver on style, cravings and prepping for number three.

By Babe | Photos by Ashley Barrett

The model, swimwear designer and mama of two is expecting her third baby this summer. We checked in with Tori her to talk cravings, maternity style (did we mention she starred in our first-ever denim campaign?) and why you won’t find her rocking the “bump out” fashion trend anytime soon.

How are you feeling?

I’m good, hanging in. I think that this pregnancy is definitely more exhausting than in the past, but I can’t complain. I have a cousin who’s one week ahead of me and she’s sick everyday. So I’ll take totally exhausted over that. All is well, but I’m only 25 weeks so it’s going to get harder. I think during my last two pregnancies, I was was just younger and had more energy, but honestly the pregnancy has been fine for the most part.

Do you know what you’re having?

I’m having another boy. I’m due at the end of June. My son was meant to be a Taurus but he was 10 days late. So he’s a Gemini and so is my husband. I’m hoping this baby makes it out of that window. There’s a lot of Gemini energy in our house, which is a lot of emotions and a lot of personalities.

Do you have a “birth plan?”

I had my son at home and that’s the plan for this baby, also. I have a midwife and a little team put together. We’re remodeling our house so I’m hoping to get moved in in time. With my daughter, I wanted to stay home with her, too, but she was my first and everyone was nervous so I did a hospital. But my instinct with that birth was that I wanted to stay home. I was hesitant to leave but I knew I had to.

With my second, I loved the comfort of being in my home and having my own bed and my own things and not in a car driving to some sterile place, which is the opposite of what environment I wanted to be in. It was just a whole new world of difference. It really was amazing. I knew I wanted to do it again. I’m excited about it. My poor husband, though. This is his first child, since I remarried. So, this seems crazy to him, but I think he’ll appreciate it at the end of the day.

What was your path to pregnancy?

We got married in September and went to Africa on our honeymoon. I found out I was pregnant three weeks later, so he was conceived there. It was meant to be – our honeymoon baby. I didn’t think it would happen so quickly. It was a shock. But my husband is going to be 45 and doesn’t have kids, so his clock was ticking more than anyone.

How about your cravings?

It’s funny. It’s the same every single time. I have this weird lemon / sour craving and essentially I have lemonade everyday. It’s better than ice cream, I guess. I also try to do a high protein diet that my midwife recommends for a lot of different reasons, mostly around what the baby needs and my energy levels. I’m not such an animal protein person outside of pregnancy. I’m more like a salad person.

There’s a lot of Gemini energy in our house, which is a lot of emotions and a lot of personalities.

What are your thoughts on achieving work/life balance as a new mom?

I slowed down a bit with my business in general. I have a swimwear line but luckily I don’t have such a full plate of things to do as I did in the past. I also wrote a children’s book, so getting out there and promoting it has been a lot of fun. I prefer doing mini capsule collections instead of big Resort and Spring launches for my swimwear. It’s nice and allows you to do more new things more often verses one big collection each year. 

Any self-care rituals that have gotten you through?

I’m still doing a lot of yoga – at least twice a week. I try to make it to pilates also. But other than that, I’m busy with my kids. Naps are honestly such a game changer and if I can fit one in, that’s huge. I’ve been trying to get as much acupuncture and prenatal massages as I can, which are great but they can be uncomfortable, so the right person is key. I’ve used this special mama’s belly oil with all my kids. It’s my nighttime belly rub ritual that’s saved me from stretch marks. 

Let’s talk style. How did you approach pregnancy dressing?

I’m wearing my HATCH overalls now. I love the maternity jeans and sweaters, and t-shirts I can dress up or down. Shoes are my main pregnancy accessory. It’s the one thing that fits. It’s hard. The one thing about being pregnant is that you’ll have an idea for an outfit in mind, and then it’s like OK this is not good. This is not what I thought this would be. I’ll change 10 times before i leave the house.

What are your postpartum plans?

For the first time I’ll have a night nurse, which is exciting. I’ve never had one before. We’ll have her for three months, which is a game-changer. I’m super excited to be able to sleep and be rested for my kids. I also have a great family circle. My mom is around and she’s amazing with my kids. We have a nanny. I feel super lucky to have the help I do. I’m preparing to be exhausted, but I think it’s going to be OK.

What can’t you wait to wear after you give birth?

High waisted skinny jeans. Oh I really miss them. I’m just a jeans girl. I love my HATCH jeans but the rest of them are so tight on the lower belly. I would just rather not, so I’m wearing dresses and loose denim maternity jeans.

Thoughts on the newer “belly out” maternity trend?

I don’t know – I just don’t feel super inspired there. I’m not modest but that to me is not anything I want to do. I’m all about body-con, tight dresses that show my belly. But for me, I’m just not sure. I can’t just show up to my kids’ school pick-up with my belly hanging out.

What are your hopes for your child?

I’m so excited to be bringing another baby into my family’s lives right now. My kids are so excited. He’ll have a big brother and a big sister and everyone is just so excited and waiting impatiently. To be the littlest of three, I always wanted more siblings. I’m almost jealous of him to have these brothers and sisters. He will be super loved.