Welcome to Babe! Because my infant peed on my Celine bag.

By Ariane Goldman

Dear Mamas,

WOW. What a time to be alive / pregnant / nursing / postpartum! 

When we set out to create Babe 18 months ago, we knew the importance of connecting moms + moms-to-be all around the world and serving you with support, information, aspiration and HUMOR. And now, given the state of the world today, we believe – more than ever – that the concept of bringing people together is critical. 

I’ve had this note written in the back of my head for about a year, and while times have certainly changed, the philosophy of Babe remains the same. I want to arm our mamas with the right mix of content that actually speaks to you, that has your back ALWAYS, that feels relevant, modern and inclusive. “You do you” has always been our M.O. on pregnancy and parenting, and in today’s hyper Instagrammed, FOMO-inducing world, we believe more than ever that moms today need that extra reminder, that extra hug, that “we got you” boost, so you know you’re kicking ass, in whatever way you’re choosing to.

So with that, I invite you to explore the world of Babe. Come here for that pregnancy question you never knew to ask, or to hear both sides of one hyper debated issue, or just to get a few extra hacks to keep in your back pocket when sh*t hits the fan. Come here for our experts, our stories, or just for a laugh, a smile, and for the support you need during this nutty, but quite extraordinary time. 

Welcome to Babe.