Bearby's The CuddlerBearby's The Cuddler

We’ve Found The Next Must-Have Pregnancy Pillow And there’s science behind it!

This article was written in partnership with Bearaby.

When we took seven expecting mamas on the Ultimate Babymoon at the Auberge’s Bishop’s Lodge in Santa Fe, there was one word that came to mind more than any other – and that word was “comfort.” It was a no-brainer that ensuring these amazing women’s coziness was of the uppermost importance and the only brand up to the task would be our friends at Bearaby. 

Known for their knitted weighted blankets, Bearaby was founded on the principle that with the help of scientific research and sustainable materials, self-care can be functional, well-designed, and yes, ridiculously comfortable. 

The science behind weighted blankets is vast and proven (you can learn more about it on Bearaby’s website here), and once the brand achieved success with its first product, Bearaby knew it had to continue its mission to create better products for a better future. And lucky for us (and our expecting mamas) The Cuddler was next in the pipeline. 

 The Cuddler, an ergonomic, breathable pregnancy pillow molds to your specific size and shape, providing full-body support and alignment. Made for all types of sleepers (side sleepers, expecting mamas, or anyone looking to relieve anxiety), The Cuddler is packed with therapeutic benefits that do not compromise style or sustainability.

Created using Bearaby’s most recent innovation, Melofoam™, an all-natural, breathable, fully biodegradable responsive rubber made from sap tapped directly from rubber trees (!) The Cuddler is entirely compostable, furthering the brand’s line of products with a fully eco-friendly life cycle.

And the chic factor? A+++.  Bearaby’s body pillow comes with a removable, 100% organic cotton cover in white with additional body pillow covers available in eco-velvet in colors perfect for holiday gifting. 

Need more proof? We were proud to introduce The Cuddler at the Ultimate Babymoon (with some weighted blankets, as well). 

“The Bearaby Cuddler has made my nights much more comfortable during pregnancy,” Dale of Sweats & The City who attended our trip tells us. “It’s made of such high quality and it really has helped me have a deeper, more comfortable and safer sleep. Not to mention, I love the simple and neutral aesthetic.”

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