What are my chances of having a c-section?

Real Talk. According to the Lancet, the rate of cesarean sections around the world is actually increasing, from about 6% of all births to 21%, but that’s primarily due to mamas choosing to have one in advance. It’s your call as to whether or not you want to have a C-section, but there are some factors that influence how your birth will go. Some ideas that play a role in your likelihood of having a C-section is your choice of healthcare provider (and their philosophy on C-sections), your birth setting, access to support like midwives or doulas and whether you opt for medical intervention during labor (ie induction, epidurals yada yada).

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If you don’t think you want a c-section, ask your healthcare provider what their C-section rates are and take a birthing class that can teach you some tips on best practices for a vaginal delivery. Also you might want to seek out a doula or a labor partner who can advocate on your behalf if the labor isn’t progressing. If your baby is starting to look breech (ie upside down), find out some natural ways of trying to turn them in advance.

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And of course, if you elect to have a C-section, that’s great too!
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You do you!