What are the best sleeping positions for late pregnancy?

Attempting to sleep during your 3rd trimester is a battle. Not only are you feeling large and in charge, but the baby is probs kicking like crazy, and you’re lying awake wondering how you’re going to manage life as a mom and which glider to get. But certain positions are more enticing to help you get those much-needed zzzz’s that are safe for both mama and babe.

SOS is a good way to remember to Sleep On your Side. Better yet, sleeping on your LEFT side will heighten the blood and nutrients flowing to the baby. Also, try keeping your legs bent and put a pillow in-between. You can also place a pillow under your belly if that helps. SOS should also help with shortness of breath.

While switching positions in your sleep is totally fine, try not to sleep on your back as your belly resting on your intestines and blood vessels can lead to backaches, low blood pressure and cause less blood to flow to your heart and baby. Also, as you get farther along in your pregnancy, don’t sleep on your tummy ‘cause DUH.