What are the signs of labor?

“PLEASE LORD GIVE ME A SIGN,” said almost every pregnant woman ever. Well just like no two babies are alike, no two pregnancies are alike, and the signs of labor might hit you square on the head or they might pass you by. If you were to experience any labor signs, these would be them:

Lightening: This is when your baby starts setting into your pelvis right before labor. But, like most signs, this can happen anywhere between a few weeks up to a few hours before labor begins. You may not even feel it, but if you do, it will feel like a lightening of your belly, and you may need to pee more since the baby is moving down your body, adding pressure to your bladder. 

Passing of the Mucus Plug: When you pee out the little glob of mucus n’ blood that was once at your cervix, it could mean go time. Or not.

Contractions: This is probably the most significant sign of labor, however there is a distinction between what is considered Braxton Hicks (false labor) and what’s actual labor. 

Water Breaking: When your amniotic membrane (aka the fluid-filled sac surrounding the baby) ruptures, you may feel a major gush like in the movies, or a little trickle of fluid leaking down your leg like pee. Super chill. If this happens, note when and how much fluid released and call your doctor. FYI most women’s waters don’t actually break before or during labor, but often times the doctor will rupture it in the hospital. Either way, this is a pretty telltale sign!