What are the signs of ovulation?

Ovulation, aka when your egg releases from an ovary, is one of those magic moments in your cycle that you might not even realize is happening. Since the ABC’s of baby making is literally sex during ovulation, here are a few signs to watch out for, so you can be sure to NAIL it:

  • Chart the length of your cycle: since ovulation usually occurs at around 14 days after your period starts (based on a 28 day cycle), start determining when you get your period and how many days last between the start of your next one.
  • Examine your cervical mucus: it gets slippier around ovulation time!
  • Take your temperature: There’s a small rise in body temperature AFTER ovulation, so if you take your temp daily, you’ll begin to notice when the rise occurs, and you should plan to have sex before it.
  • Period symptoms: you may experience the same feelings as when Aunty Flow comes to town, namely breast tenderness, bloating and mild abdominal pain
  • Predictor Kit: If you still can’t quite figure out when you’re ovulating, try an ovulation predictor kit. These handy pee-on-a-stick baby-making essentials show when your hormones levels increase around the time of ovulation by measuring the hormones found in your pee.