What is a C-section like?

About 30% of all pregnancies in the US result in a C-section. Women have C-sections for various reasons. Some simply want to know when that babe’s coming. For others, they already had one C-section for whatever reason, so they might as well do it again. For others, a C-section comes in the form of a last minute emergency at the hospital. Whatever the reason, they are super safe and every bit as “natural” as any other way of giving birth.

Right before your C-section, you’ll get an IV to receive medicine as well as fluids. You’ll also get a catheter so your bladder stays empty during the surgery. Most women will elect to get local anesthetic, either in the form of an epidural. This will ensure you can be awake without feeling anything. 

Your doctor will place a screen across your waist so won’t have to see the magic going down at the other end of the table. They’ll make an incision in your lower belly and work to remove your baby. You may not feel anything, or it might feel like subtle pressure and maneuvering. Once that babe of yours is born, your doctor should let you hold them right after the C-section is over.