What Is "Spirit Baby Communication?" Connect with the soul of your child-to-be.

By Julia Albain | Photo by Stocksy

Julia Albain is an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Teacher with a specialty in conception, pregnancy, and postpartum care.

Connecting with the soul of your child-to-be? Working with Energy to empower your physical and emotional health and wellbeing? It can seem like a stretch to most people.

I have devoted my life to the study, practice, and service of Energy Medicine, and even I am deeply skeptical. Energy has never asked me to be a believer in order to work with it. My doubt and skepticism is welcome, and so is yours.

I’ve worked with Energy Medicine & BodyTalk™ in thousands of sessions and it has never not astounded me, but when I began working with Energy Medicine in the context of fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care it was a game changer. It allowed us to access detailed and practical physiological information while also holding a level of awareness and recognition for anything going on at the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Fallopian tubes cleared, pituitary glands reset, challenging memories or fears integrated, nervous system regulated, organ function recalibrated. All of this and more can come up in sessions, as we are letting your body (or your baby’s body) tell us what is going on and how we can offer support.

It’s mystical and practical, which is why I love it.

Creating space for this kind of presence and self-exploration opens up a potent portal for healing and transformation in parents. You are becoming someone new in the process of conceiving, so why not hold that process in the most tender, multidimensional way possible?

In addition to the physiological support that can come through, when we make space to invite a sense of communication with the soul of a baby-to-be, we not only create a powerful focus and anchor for the parents, but we open ourselves to receive these beings as whole, autonomous humans unto themselves. Your baby is no longer just an empty concept for you to project onto. It’s a person… a Soul… and it has things to share with you.

Using Energy Medicine and Spirit Baby Communication in support of the conception, pregnancy, and postpartum experience has offered endless mind-blowing experiences for me to witness IVF processes succeeding against all odds, the souls of children-to-be guiding their parents through the challenges of conception, newborns communicating detailed needs and desires, parents healing their own inner children, and postpartum bodies recovering with unbelievable speed and grace.

Everything is Energy, and everything can be worked with as such. In this process, BodyTalk and Energy Medicine get to work alongside any and all traditional medical interventions. Science and Spirit held hands, and meaningful experiences resulted for all involved.

I remain a devoted Energy enthusiast and a stubborn skeptic. I delight in asking the energy to continually stretch my understanding of what is possible. These works can expand us in ways we never imagined. If this resonates, let’s see how these works might be ready to open you to a new experience of Belief.