What To Gift Yourself for Valentine’s Day, Based on Your Plans We've got ya covered.

This year, Valentine’s Day is all about tailoring your gift to your needs. So whatever your plans are – whether you’re putting on makeup for the first time in a year and enjoying a candle-lit meal at home, or indulging in an entire plate of pickles – we’re here to say: TREAT YOURSELF. Peep our round-up of thoughtful gift ideas below, for whatever you might be up to.

Plan: Getting it on with my S.O. (or myself)

Plan: Attend a Group Zoom Party with my “Singles Awareness” Club

Plan: Being Forced to Craft with my Kids

Plan: Sleep, Sleep, Sleep…..

Plan: Food….That’s All

Plan: 24 Hour Babymoon (at a hotel down the street)

Plan: Doing Dinner in a Bubble (Brrrrrr….)

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