What Your Sexy Toy Says About YouWhat Your Sexy Toy Says About You

What Your Sex Toy Reveals About You The big, the small, and that. one that doesn't exist yet.

By Babe | Illustration by Ana Hard

In celebration of our recent launch, let’s venture into the enchanting world of sex toys, specifically vibrators. These intimate pleasure tools are not just for your enjoyment but can also reflect your personality and desires – essential during your pregnancy journey. Let’s unravel the deep meanings behind your vibrator choices and how they mirror your unique persona.

The Big Vibrator

If your go-to vibrator is a sizable one, like the popular Magic Wand Original, you’re someone who prefers bold, direct experiences. A large vibrator user typically doesn’t shy away from claiming their space, whether in life or in their romantic encounters.

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This choice goes beyond mere physical preference; it mirrors your daring spirit.

Confidence, assertiveness, and an unapologetic pursuit of your desires characterize you. When it comes to life, you believe in the adage: “Go big or go home.”

Your go-to motto: Size matters because I matter.

The Small Vibrator

If you’re drawn to more discreet, petite vibrators, such as the renowned We-Vibe Tango, this suggests that you value subtlety and finesse. Fans of small vibrators are often detail-oriented, cherishing the nuances of experiences and understanding that size doesn’t dictate satisfaction. You’re likely someone who highly values privacy and recognizes the power of small details that make a substantial difference. In your life philosophy, less is more, and you’ve mastered the art of finding immense pleasure in small packages.

Your go-to motto: Embrace the power of small things.

The Perfect Collaboration

For those who choose the Dame x HATCH vibrator, you’re someone who values the blend of aesthetics and functionality. This choice suggests that you appreciate thoughtfully designed products that cater to your needs and are visually pleasing. You believe in the power of collaboration and innovation, and you’re not afraid to invest in quality.

Your go-to motto: Quality and design make the perfect match.

The Vibrator That Doesn’t Exist Yet

Are you still seeking the perfect vibrator that seems to only exist in your fantasies? This shows you’re a dreamer, an imaginative soul who isn’t easily satisfied with the ordinary. You set high standards and will patiently wait for what you truly desire. You’re a visionary, constantly picturing the next big innovation. This also implies a deep sense of adventure and a yearning for exploration in your sexual journey.

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Your go-to motto: The perfect pleasure is worth the wait.

The realm of sex toys, mainly vibrators, is as diverse and unique as the individuals who use them. Whether you’re drawn to the big vibrator, the small vibrator, or you’re waiting for that perfect vibrator that doesn’t exist yet, it’s all about what makes you feel empowered and fulfilled.

Choosing a vibrator is not just about picking a pleasure tool; it’s also about choosing a mirror to your unique soul. In the spirit of sex positivity, we celebrate all desires and choices. There’s no right or wrong, big or small, real or imaginary — only what brings you joy and satisfaction. So, here’s to love, pleasure, and embracing our true selves, one vibrator at a time!