What's Perineal Massage? (And should I do it?)

As you progress into the last few weeks of your pregnancy, you may want to start massaging your perineum, aka the region around your vagina, to help stretch it out. Sensual, right? Doing this kind of daily massage could lead to less tearing, and a need for an episiotomy. Clean your hands (obvs), and grab a mirror. It’s time to get to know the area.

We advise taking a warm bath first to loosen everything up, and gently lubricate your fingers, thumbs and perineal area with vitamin E oil, or any kind of pure, all natural oil (not baby oil or vaseline/aquaphor). Place your thumbs at about the first knuckle into your vagina and start pressing down towards your butt and stretching them into the sides. Keep stretching the area until your feel a bit of pressure and hold for two minutes. Basically, the goal is to loosen and stretch your vagina in advance of giving birth. Keep doing it for a few minutes at a clip. Just remember, easy does it, mama.