Why am I breaking out?

While the assumption is that you’re supposed to be this glowing goddess throughout your pregnancy, the reality is that pregnancy might make you more prone to serious breakouts (like 7th grade style). Two reasons this might be happening? One is that your hormones are straight up SURGING at around week 6 of pregnancy. In this case, progesterone might be responsible for your glands producing excess secretions of sebum (aka zit-causing oil) that clogs your pores and causes bacteria to build. Another reason is that your body is retaining more fluids, which contains toxins that can lead to zits. No fun!

The jury is still out on which prescription medications are safe during pregnancy (some OB’s are cool with a tiny amount of salicylic acid, some will recommend benzoyl peroxide or azelaic acid), but there are plenty of all natural remedies you can try, like tea tree oil and fruit acids. Remember to watch your diet, avoid greasy foods and load up on a vitamin-A rich regimen of fish, eggs and carrots. If your prenatal acne is severe, talk to your dermatologist to come up with a regimen that’s right for you.