Why are my legs so restless?

If you feel like your legs just can’t CHILL OUT, like they’re itchy and burning and you feel like you just HAVE to move them constantly, you are not alone. Nearly ⅓ of pregnant women experience Restless Leg Syndrome. Experts aren’t 100% sure why, but some say it could occur from an imbalance in dopamine, the chemical in your brain responsible for keeping your muscles nice and smooth.

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You could also be lacking folic acid or iron, or it could be due to rising estrogen levels during your pregnancy.
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While there is no cure for Restless Leg Syndrome, you can try soaking in a warm bath and massaging your legs to relax the muscles.

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You can also try heat or cooling packs and light to moderate exercise. And rest assured, all of those weird feels should subside post-babe.