Why do I have lower back pain?

If you feel like you can barely make it to work without erupting in back pain, or if your heating pad has basically become your bff, we’re super sorry, mama. Unfortunately there are a zillion reasons you might be experiencing lower back pain during pregnancy.

Here are just a few:

  • You’re gaining weight: We hate to state the obvious here, but those extra pounds can be hard on your spine, not to mention the weight of a growing baby AND your uterus can wreak havoc on the nerves in your back. 
  • Your walking/standing/sitting differently: These postural changes and the shifting of your center of gravity can totally add extra strain.
  • Your hormones are surging: The hormone your body makes during pregnancy known as relaxin lets your ligaments open up and loosen to prep for birth. Sounds great, right? Totes, yet that same hormone can cause ligaments supporting the spine to free up and cause lower back pain.
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  • Stress: Oh yeahhhh. That old thing. The emotional journey of bringing new life into this world can increase back pain during pregnancy.

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Here’s the good news. If this pain is new to you during pregnancy, it’s likely to disappear following birth. In the meantime, try and keep moving. Light to moderate exercise and stretching can help minimize the pain, as can acupuncture and applying heat and cold. Also, kick off them heels and wear supportive sneakers.

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If nothing’s helping, check in with your doctor on taking certain pain medications.