Will sex feel different during pregnancy? week 4

Week 4

Well the GOOD news is that many women describe themselves as super turned-on throughout their pregnancy. Thanks to some major hormonal shifts, there’s an excess of blood flow to your pleasure areas that can make things highly sensitive (in a good way). Then there are the women who feel like shit during their entire pregnancy and the LAST thing they want is someone pawing at them. 

The best way to deal with sex is by embracing it. All of these changes are purely temporary, so enjoy the good vibes while you can, and if have no interest, then turn over and pretend to be sleeping (works like a charm). Women with high risk pregnancies should check in with their healthcare provider re: having sex later in pregnancy. If you do engage + start bleeding, or if it was super painful or contractions start that last longer than 15 minutes, phone your healthcare provider ASAP.