Leggings are Back, Baby And you NEED these styles.

By Babe | Photos by HATCH

Remember the early aughts? That low-key era before global pandemics, radical politics, and super structured high-waist jeans? When you could literally roll into work in a pair of glamorized spandex “pants,” a chunky sweater, and over-the-knee boots and feel fully on-trend? Well, our politics might still be a hot mess, but leggings are back, baby! And this time, they mean business.

Forget what you think you know – these new styles are everything from vegan leather-inspired fabrications to cropped flare styles, to a luxe, olive green vegan suede that reads: I’m here for polo. Even better, they’re moisture-wicking (because pregnancy sweats), Oeko-Tex certified, and C-section friendly (aka no rubbing) with more reassuring compression for a wear-everywhere, sculpting fit that feels so good before, during AND after.

Life’s hard. Your style doesn’t have to be.