Your Baby's Love Language According to Their Zodiac Sign. How to show them love, and what to expect in return.

By Sofia Adler | Illustration by Ana Hard

How your baby loves and receives love is all based in the stars. Below, our resident astrologist, Sofia Adler walks us through love languages according to your baby’s zodiac sign.


The way that Aries gives love is by fighting for who and what they want. Aries is the advocate, the leader. Aries loves alone time. Aries also love a little bit of a challenge. Perhaps they love to be active so perhaps you plan a baby class to go to or a fun playdate. 

The key word for Aries is courage. Chances are the way that they show love is to really fight for people, to fight for what they’re passionate about. 


The way that Taurus shows love is by being dependable and loyal. Taurus is always going to show up, Taurus is going to really ask what can I get done? How can I help?

As your Taurus babe gets older, you’ll see that they’ll want a cozy night at home. Taurus loves indulgence, loves the nicest things, the finest chocolates, the softest cashmere, the boldest aged wine. How can you celebrate your Taurus? Bathe them in a bit of luxury. 


Gemini is a social butterfly of the zodiac. If you want to show a Gemini love, take them out somewhere where they can learn something. Plan a museum outing as they get older, take them to see a movie, allow them to be in that happy place. 

Gemini is young hearted. Go have fun together.


Cancer gives love by making you feel at home, likely cooking for you or nourishing you, maybe sitting at your bedside when you’re sick. Cancer is the healer and the nurturer; they make you feel like you are nourished and that everything is safe. 

Cancers also are known for their ability to feel. Cancer’s form of love language is empathy and intuition knowing how you’re feeling. A way that you can show cancer love is by showing them how much you appreciate them. 


Leo loves to be seen, celebrated, and recognized. If you have a Leo in your life, you need to praise them. That is the surest way to their heart. How can you adore them? Give them the things that make them feel alive and brighten them up. 

Leo shows love through warmth and generosity and gratitude. Leo adds fun, joy, and creativity to your life. 


Virgo gives love by being of service and helping you. They can be hard on themselves, but it’s because they want to be the best version of themself for you.  

The way that you can give Virgo love is by consistently reminding them that they are more than enough, that they can have the vision for the future and that they are perfect as they are in this moment.


Libra, is really good at making their people feel seen, heard and appreciated. They are someone who makes sure that their person is taken care of. However, some Libras are so good at giving love that they forget about themselves. 

If you want to give a Libra love, bring them out in the world. Give them something that has to do with art. Libra is the artist of the zodiac. Libra is about color and see beauty everywhere.


Scorpio is there for their person through thick and thin. Scorpio loves not despite flaws, but because of flaws. Scorpio wants good old-fashioned, authentic connection.

Scorpios has no time for niceties–they want to know you deeply. No time for small talk if you want to show a Scorpio love. Let them know that you are here to talk about all the things that society has said you shouldn’t talk about. 


Sagittarius shows love by making you laugh. They bring their humor and sarcasm to infuse the space with joy. They love to help their loved ones get out of their heads. 

Sagittarius is funny, fun-loving, an adventurer. They want to have a good time. Take Sagittarius to do something out of the box, a little bit crazy and high energy. Plan a trip somewhere new and adventurous. 


Capricorns show up. They make it clear they’re not going anywhere and are determined to be the best partner they can, the most supportive person they can be. 

Capricorn is a more reserved sign of the zodiac. They are loyal and dedicated and committed. As your baby gets older, let them dive into their work and their passion. Capricorns can also be a bit hard on themselves. Let them really know how much you appreciate them. 


Aquarius shows love by helping their partner hold the vision for who they are become and helping them see what they can’t see. 

 Aquarius is an amazing out of the box thinker, a visionary. They love space. They are very committed to their community and being a part of something. Love them just as they do for you and celebrate who they are.


If you love a Pisces, you need to know that they feel everything for everyone around them. They can be worried about how much they feel in a world where emotions are seen as vulnerable. 

Pisces is very creative, inspiring. Help them cultivate that spiritual connection and give them space encouraging them to create a creative outlet for themselves.