One Jogger, Five Ways, For every occasion.

If you, like us, have been working from home, there’s a good chance that once standard-issue items, like heels and jeans, lie dormant in the closet while the jogger, historically reserved for the weekends or a cozy night, has taken point position. It’s also likely this now-staple piece has begun to feel a little uninspired, and it’s time to shake it up. Herein five ways to breathe new life into our most-worn item yet, most-loved jogger….because let’s be honest, it’s still all we want to wear.

Matchy, Matchy

There’s something about head to toe tonal that automatically elevates an outfit. Therefore whether home for the holidays or headed to the in-laws, we’re taking it up a notch in matching sweater sets plus kitten heels. Yes, (mini) heels with sweats are now a thing.

Never Not Chic

Work from home but make it elevated (yet still comfy) in joggers, loafers and a fitted turtleneck. Even if you’re not headed into an office, making an effort in the morn’ makes a difference.

Dress ‘Em Up

Celebrating with your nearest and dearest means turning up the fancy…but like, just a little. Pair your cashmere joggers with a sweater and heels (yes, heels, told you, it’s a thing). Plus, throw a bow in your hair for good measure.

Layer Away

Running errands in our fave joggers, flats and layers of tees, cardis and denim makes for a cute, go anywhere look.

Cozy, Comfy

You know the drill. The ever classic combo of stripes, turtlenecks, beanies and sneakers for weekends outdoors or fireside.