17 Essentials for Your Postpartum Healing Journey We call it a "mom registry."

By Babe | Photo by HATCH

Most moms-to-be use their registry exclusively for their babe’s needs. We get it, they’re gonna need a lot of stuff! But what about you, mom? What. About. You?! After your deliver, you’re going to have needs, too. Like, you’re going to need delicious ready-to-eat meals on demand (because HUNGER). You’re going to need a killer breast pump, and maybe some sanitary pads for leaking and bleeding. You’re going to need recovery and stitches maintenance in the form of squirt bottles and sitz baths and even just a yummy pair of leggings to loaf around in.

So, in partnership with our registry guide Nikki’s List, we’re bringing you this registry – not for strollers and sippy cups – but for moms. For YOU. Because contrary to what this world wants you to think, you have needs too, and we’re here to help you honor them.