Seven Ways to Create a Nursery for You AND Babe From our friends at Crate&kids.

By Babe | All photos by Crate&kids

Just try and search “cute nursery ideas” on Pinterest without losing your mind. From Basquiat themes to Point Break-inspired surfboard decals, the rabbit-hole of nursery decor is enough to ignite premature labor. If you’re anything like us, you want a nursery that looks super cute, that can actually function for both you AND babe (FYI you’ll be spending A LOT of time there, mom) and might even apply to future babes down the line. So we hit up our friend Julia Brenner, senior content creator at Crate&kids to give us the top tips for designing a loving, practical and chic space that works for ALL members of the family. Peep her tips below and get nesting, mama!

Nursery Tips by Crate&kids

Gender Neutral is Here to Stay

“Style your nursery with colors that feel like an extension of the rest of your home, think neutrals and earth tones,” says Julia. “Pastels can also read as gender neutral and create a fresh, soothing vibe in the nursery, especially when paired with creamy neutral tones, rich taupes and earthy browns.”

Sustainability Matters

Consider organic textiles for you and baby as well as eco-friendly toys. “High quality, super soft organic cotton blankets are easy to transition into bedrooms or family rooms when your baby is older,” says Julia.

Apply a Soft Touch

Research shows that sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain, so “layering on soft organic shapes and playful textures allows babies to explore their world and have early moments of discovery,” says Julia. And remember, a nursery should be comfortable. It’s the room in the home where everything falls away. Consider it, in Julia’s words, a zone of coziness.

“We recommend bringing in items that are simple, refined and well-made,”says Julia. “We also love soft, muted color palettes that aren’t overly busy, textiles with hand-stitched details and toys and books with rounded edges to create a cozy, welcoming mood.” Padded structures, plump textiles and matte materials also allow children to feel protected and wrapped in layers of softness, which is important as babies begin rolling, crawling and exploring.

A Comfy Rocker is KEY

“There will be a lot of long nights,” says Julia. “Don’t skimp on this one.”

Layer in Art and Decor

Encourage curiosity about the wider world by incorporating large-scale shelves and walls filled with framed artwork, or use open shelving closets and magnetic wallpaper. “We offer shelving units that cleverly adapt to nursery styling and can grow with the child,” says Julia. “Prioritize timeless designs and sustainable materials.”

Declutter 101 (Yes Please!)

Stock up on soft baskets for easy clean up and make sure you incorporate some open shelving to toss it,” says Julia. “Stay a step ahead of clutter and make bins your new BFF.”

Use Toys as Decor

In today’s nurseries, family rooms and multigenerational living spaces, toys are chosen for the aesthetic values they bring to the home. “They are even used as decor in their own right,” says Julia, “regardless of whether it’s a family home or adult-only space.”

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