4 Mamas On Their One Hope Sharing their wishes for the world and for their children.

By Babe | Photos courtesy of HATCH

As new mamas and mamas-to-be, we all have that one hope for our children, as well as for the world at large. Sometimes it’s a rational thought we’ve discussed about over coffee with friends, but often it’s a quiet, late night and sleep-deprived moment of prayer. That we can raise them in a world that’s a little bit better than the one we knew as kids, or that society as a whole can step up for this new generation. Each of our hopes might be different, but they all weave a common thread: health, happiness, freedom, tolerance, and acceptance. Here are some of our favorite women sharing the hope they feel for the future ahead.

Amber Stevens West

“I hope they feel seen and heard. I hope, as a parent, I create an environment where they feel understood for whatever and whoever they are, and what they’re feeling. I hope I can tune in and tap into that where they need me.” 

Karolina Kurkova

“We all have been through a lot; therefore, I hope we can be joyous. I hope that we can live, have fun, and be free to travel and do things. I hope that our children will not have to wear masks and instead be able to touch, love and hug their friends and family; it’s truly heartbreaking to see them growing up without hugs. So yes, my hope is joy and happiness.

Megan O’Neill

“I hope we can lessen this impersonal hatred, or apathy rather, for people who don’t necessarily look like or live like us. I think if we all just cared a little bit more about people who have less than us or a different life, the world would be infinitely better.”

Cassie Ventura Fine

I hope there’s a massive social and emotional shift. I believe the next generation will be more sensitive, practical, and in tune with others. Plus, less selfish. Overall, I think they’ll be aware of not wanting to repeat our mistakes.