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6 Essential 4th Trimester Clothes Because less time picking out what to wear equals more time cuddling.

By Babe

Most people are typically aware of the three trimesters of pregnancy: first, second, third, obvi. But to those of us privy to the secret of parenthood, you know the deets on another special time frame. One that comes after the pregnancy, after giving birth, in its own cozy stage sometimes referred to as the fourth trimester. 

Just like the first three, the fourth trimester requires all of its own different care and attention. As you and your baby begin to build a new life together, your routines will change, and you’ll need to figure out how to adjust.

And as difficult as the fourth trimester can be when you’ve got the right stuff to support your new life, it can get slightly easier. From pumping to nursing to getting in tons of cuddles, every new mom could use some fourth trimester goodies to keep them on track.

Check out our six essential fourth trimester clothes to jumpstart your new routine with your new beautiful babe:

May the Fourth Be With You 

The fourth trimester is the time following the birth of your baby through about 40 to 90 days following. This trimester comes with a lot of growth and change as your baby adjusts to life outside the womb and your body adjusts to new motherhood.

The term fourth trimester was coined by Dr. Harvey Karp in 2002, with the goal in mind to spend a few weeks trying to recreate life in the womb for your new baby. By prioritizing methods, activities, and tender moments with their baby, new mamas can ease their baby out of womb life and into line in the real world.

Bond, Baby, Bond

Here are three ways to bond with your baby outside of your womb:

  1. From Waddle To Swaddle

Swaddle, sway, sashay: Your baby just spent nine months constantly moving, all tucked into the small space in your belly. Life in the womb felt safe and secure for your baby. You can recreate that feeling outside of the womb for them, too.

Try swaddling your baby when you put them to bed. The security of being all wrapped up may help them sleep better and longer. If you’re a busy mama, you can try swaddling your baby in a sling across your chest, too. Look, ma, no hands!

If your baby has trouble sleeping, try to incorporate some gentle swaying. Bringing back soft movement that reminds them of your womb can calm your baby down and give you time to respond to those 50 unread text messages. (The sashaying is mostly for you… celebrate yourself, mama. Optional, but earned.)

2. Skin-To-Skin

You’ll likely have skin-to-skin contact with your baby right after they’re born, but it won’t be your last time. Consistent skin-to-skin contact is a great way to comfort them and create a safe space between you two.

The warmth of your skin and the sound of your heartbeat will be familiar sensations for your baby and will bring them a sense of safety and ease. The best part is, that your partner or somebody close to you can also enjoy skin-to-skin contact while you go take a long, earned bath. 

3. Bathe Luxuriously

After you have your mama bath time, you can give your baby their own warm bath. Of course, bathing is essential (especially after inevitable diaper mishaps), but it’s also an instant soothing mechanism for an anxious baby. The warm water feels a lot like the womb. 

The Six 4th Trimester Essentials

From swaddles to feeding, you prepped your babe for the fourth trimester. We think you deserve to look good and feel even better during yours. Postpartum can be full of surprises, but some things are in your control, like rocking a super cool, totally comfy jumpsuit that happens to be nursing-friendly.

Super Cozy

There s no sugar-coating it. You will be tired. Newborns are extremely delicate and helpless, and they require tons of attention, contact, and feeding. You might not have much of a sleep schedule for a few weeks (sorry, sometimes months), but that doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort.

Slip into something soft and loose, made specifically for your postpartum body.

The Everyday Leggings

Let’s start at the beginning with Everyday Leggings. Nothing beats the feeling of getting out of denim jeans and into some soft, cotton leggings after a long day. Out with the rigid and in with the fluid. Nothing warrants a leggings-all-day lifestyle like the fourth trimester.

You loved your maternity leggings during your pregnancy, and good news, ladies, you can keep rocking them after your baby makes their big entrance. Take your time in recovery and slip into some maternity leggings that fold up over a healing postpartum belly before you make that midnight mac and cheese. 

The Nursing Tee

The fourth trimester is pretty much composed of feeding, swaddling, and swaying. You will want a reliable and cute nursing top to make the most of your time. Having something that’s functional removes a little stress from that miles-long to-do list. The ultimate comfy form of a t-shirt is sure to make nursing way more manageable. 

Pro tip? Look to your favorite band tee that you’ve had since high school.

We’re talking the oversized, crew neck, machine-washable Jersey Nursing Tee.

The Jumpsuit of it All

You’re going on 25 hours sans sleep and need a quick pick me up. Nothing beats the Nurse-To-Errands Onesie by Hatch Collection. What more could you ask for? This jumpsuit’s wrap top style gives it the instant chic upgrade from your pajama onesies but is literally just as cozy. 

Not to mention, that wrap top style also means no-fuss, instant access for immediate nursing whenever the baby gets hungry. If that didn’t convince you already, the chic quality of French terry should.

Wait, one more thing: pockets. So when people say, “Oh! Love your outfit!” You can respond with, “Thanks! It has pockets.”  The ultimate flex.

Casually Cute

The fourth trimester means getting as much rest as possible, but if you feel ready and able to scratch that cabin fever itch, you’ll need something to wear. Cue our favorite casual-day-out clothing.

The New Overalls

In our humble opinion, it’s impossible not to look good in a pair of quality denim maternity overalls. A 90’s staple that has seemed to strike gold in the evergreen style department, easy never looked so good. 

The best part about Denim Maternity Overalls is not only how cute they are, not to mention how simply you could unsnap one of the straps tonurse your babe. The other best part about denim overalls is that they are an instant, one-piece outfit that can take you just about anywhere short of that black-tie wedding you RSVP’d to. (Yay champagne!)

Your Everyday Dress

Isn’t it funny how you can still totally look pregnant during the 4th trimester? We’re not a fan of “snapping back,” so if your “before times” clothing doesn’t fit, a simple maternity maxi dress will be your new best friend. Long dresses are always a good look and easy to wear when your whole body hurts from that all-nighter you just pulled off.

Maximize the style and utility combo by opting for a soft dress with buttons. A few undone buttons can also make nursing access a breeze.


The Everyday Nursing Bra

You know you’ll be spending most of the fourth trimester with your baby in your arms. Rather than thinking about anything other than your irreplaceable bonding, make sure you’re wearing the right bra for all-day ease.

The Everyday Nursing Bra was made specifically for new mamas to feel secure, comfortable, and able to nurse whenever the time arises.

The Essential Pumping Bra

Yes, mama, we’ve got a bra for that. With all that nursing will come a full, sleeping baby. But the postpartum body doesn’t always rest. You’ll also need to pump probably multiple times a day during your fourth trimester.

Take a load off your shoulders (literally) and invest in a pumping bra made specifically for your pumping needs. You’ll be happy to get some free assistance, and your baby will be happy to have some fresh milk ready for them after their two-second (okay, technically two-hour) nap.

Fourth Trimester & Forever More

Congrats, mama.

You’ve made it through the nine months and are in the first few first weeks of forever. Treasure the best that the next few months has to offer in the right clothes to look, feel, and be your best.