5 Earth-Inspired Baby Name Trends We're Loving From Forest to Rain.

By Babe | Photo by Stocksy

Baby name trends come and go, and we’re obsessed with all of them. We’ve written a great deal about girls named Coriander and Sage, and boys named Cornell and Eugene. In fact we just can’t get enough of baby names, so much so that we’ve been known to browse Nameberry even sans pregnant, just to see where some of our favorites stack up. So, in honor of Earth Day coming up, we’re giving a go at some of the top earth-inspired trends out there in the world right now. From Jasmine to Fox, expect these names to be shouted at a local playground near you.

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Flower names such as Lily, Daisy, Rose, and Jasmine have always been popular for girls, but in recent years, we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of more unusual floral names like Azalea, Magnolia, and Dahlia. Put this family together and you’ve got the latest Le Labo fragrance.

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Nature Thangs

Names inspired by the natural world have been growing in popularity, such as River, Sky, Ocean, Forest, and Willow, as well as names that mean “earth” or “nature,” such as Terra, Gaia, and Sage. We’re here for it.


This should come as no shock, but names inspired by animals have also been on the rise, such as Wolf, Bear, Fox, and Raven. For girls, we’re partial to baby Birdie, Wren, and Lark.

What’s cuter than Baby Birdie?


Gemstone-inspired names like Ruby, Emerald, and Jasper have always been a thing, but in recent years, we’ve also seen some more unusual gemstone names like Opal, Pearl, and Onyx. Call us when Sapphire hits in big.

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Names inspired by the weather have also been pouring cuteness, such as Storm, Snow, Sunny, and Rain. For girls, names like Skye, Aurora, and Celeste are trending big.