5 Moms We Love On dressing for the bump.

From new moms to seasoned pros, we’re never not inspired by the badass women in our community. This week, we asked five mamas to share how they’re keeping it cute (and comfy).

Sami Weaver

Minneapolis-based content creator and photographer @sami.stasia

Love most about bump dressing: 3 tips for Spring pregnancy dressing? Not worrying about having a food-baby after eating because people will never know!

  1. Dresses, dresses, and more dresses!
  2. Nail down 4-5 outfits that you know FIT and you feel confident in as your go-to’s—this way you don’t have to feel stressed if you’re getting ready in a pinch
  3. Explore new styles and looks! What you felt confident in pre-pregnancy probably isn’t going to serve you the same with a massive belly, so put away those high-waisted jeans and allow yourself to discover something new!

Fave easy transition pieces that will take you from bump to post?
Loungewear! I love how elevated loungewear has become over the last year — you can feel put together but also comfortable enough during postpartum recovery.

Most looking most forward to about new motherhood?
So many things, but mostly I’m excited to have a little pal to do everything with! Motherhood is such a huge responsibility, and I feel honored thatI get to steward her little heart!

Sydney (Soelberg) Thornton

Grad student and mama @soelsister

Keeping it cute: 3 tips for Spring pregnancy dressing? 

  1. Buy a few versatile statement pieces you LOVE and feel amazing in. For me, this was my white button-down shirt from HATCH—so easy to style with any kind of pants, leave it open and layered, dress it up or dress it down! 
  2. Explore hair accessories! Headbands, hats, hair claws, clips, etc. These can completely switch up an outfit’s vibe, allowing you to get more wear out of your favorite pieces. Plus, you can still wear these postpartum.
  3. Dresses! These can be just as comfortable as your favorite pair of leggings but look more polished. 

Love most about bump dressing?  The bump serves as a built-in accessory! 

Fave transition pieces that will take you from bump to post? I am feeling super grateful for the loungewear trend catalyzed by the pandemic. I think it’s fun to elevate a comfy pair of sweats with gold hoops and a shoulder bag. Sweatpants have been my love language for the last few weeks, and I’m excited to already have comfortable options during the first couple of weeks postpartum. 

Most looking most forward to becoming a mom of two? I am absolutely giddy to see my four-year-old meet our new babe for the first time. She has been so invested and involved for my entire pregnancy — always kissing my belly, asking for baby updates every Friday when I turn a new week, and putting her favorite blankets into the crib. My heart is going to burst!

Gigi Lawrence

East Coast entrepreneur, model, and mama @gigi__lawrence

Keeping it cute: 3 tips for Spring pregnancy dressing?

  1. Aim for fashionable yet comfortable. 
  2. Fit your form.
  3. Key in on the color trends that compliment your skin.

Love most about bump dressing?  To be honest, I loved almost everything “the most!” It’s a special feeling knowing your little one is inside you and that everything you do shapes that baby. So, if I had to choose one thing I love the most, I’d said I loved the fact that I could still wear form-fitting clothing and feel beautiful, and sexy. Overall pregnancy dressing brought me joy and I believe these positive emotions are transferred to the baby.

How have you been transition dressing from bump to post-birth? Post birth dressing has been an enigma. “Trial and error” is the best way to describe it. During “bump life” I indulged in lots of stretchy materials, especially leggings and yoga pants. Then boom…the baby’s here, and all my tight, stretchy garments are loose and unflattering. I immediately dropped a dress size, but I am not back to my pre-pregnancy size. Thus, all my pre-pregnancy outfits are still too tight, and my bump fits are to loose. But, I’m getting there!

Love most about new motherhood? I absolutely love being able to breastfeed my baby. It is a special moment that allows us to bond and have mother–son time to talk, sing, laugh, and read our favorite books. My advice to new moms is to enjoy the little moments while they’re babies. Hug, kiss and love on them as much as possible; before you know it, they will outgrow those kisses.

Andrea Hunt

LA actress, yoga instructor, and creative art therapy student @theandreahunt

Keeping it cute: 3 tips for Spring pregnancy dressing?

  1. Breezy floral print dresses make me feel so feminine, and they’re SO comfy.
  2. I love rompers and overalls. They’re so fun, easy to style, and super quick to throw on.
  3. Love pairing tight-fit tank dresses with a hat and light jacket.

Love most about bump dressing?  I love feeling feminine and. something about the bump makes me feel super confident. Floral dresses have been my go to! 

Most looking most forward to about new motherhood? I am SO excited to meet this new human and see them experience life for the first time!

Photo @__thenguyens Wearing The Manon

Nancy Nyguen

Chicago-based mom of three @__thenguyens

Keeping it cute: 3 tips for Spring pregnancy dressing?

  1. I loved wearing dresses during the warmer months, even better when nursing-friendly and worn postpartum. 
  2. Having one good jumpsuit is a must, such an effortless look but also comfortable. 
  3. Easy slip-on and slip-off shoes!

Love most about bump dressing? Wearing form-fitted clothes without having to suck in my belly!

Fave easy transition piece to go from bump to post? I still love my maternity leggings

Love most about new motherhood?  Sweet baby snuggles and newborn smell. 

Miss most about life pre-babe? I miss sleep. THE MOST.