9 Things To Consider When Planning For Your New Home Because that second babe's coming FAST.

By Babe | Photo by Stocksy

Whether due to Covid-19 or your growing family, odds are you’re cruising Zillow like it’s Tinder. Who wouldn’t want that Jack and Jill bathroom once the second babe comes around? Or a spa tub for those moments when you need to get far from your family? But if deciding where and how to live is a bit overwhelming, leave it to Katya Suh, licensed real estate agent, founder of Kalon Media #twinmom, AND wife of Tampa Bay Buccaneer Ndamukong Suh to guide you. We polled her on the nine things every family must think about when planning for a new home.

1. Stage of Life

The first component to consider when purchasing a home is whether it is intended to be a starter, mid-way or forever home. The priorities for a starter home will likely focus on staying comfortably within a budget and building a foundation full of “firsts” which provides valuable lessons surrounding home ownership. In contrast, a forever home provides the ability to tailor your home to your particular needs and allows the space for less compromise.  

2. Space for Extras 

Are you planning on having more children? Will you be taking care of elderly family members? For us, we want to balance room for a growing family and maintain a warm and cozy space to gather with friends and family. 

3. Possible Renovations 

My family fell in love with a historical home, which denied any possibility of large renovations or additions. Although this was not a problem for our family, it is important to consider prematurely when making such a large investment in order to save time, energy and possible frustration. 

4. Room Assignments 

In our home, there were two rooms available for our babies – one that was more centrally located and one that had a lager bathroom, including a tub. While the better location was tempting, we ultimately decided on the bedroom with the bathroom that had more amenities and longevity as our children get older, we will not need to move their room. 

5. Organizing the Space

As any parent knows, clutter and messes can grow quickly with toys and general “kid stuff”. For us, it was important to identify and maintain a few areas of the home that would remain free of toys and kid clutter. This is a great preventative so we’re not scrambling for guests and we can maintain some peace and organization. When choosing spaces determined a designated play space and a chose to keep toys and clutter away from the main floor. 

6. Pets 

Not only was it important to find space for our babies, but we also wanted a designated area for our Dutch Shepherd, Añejo. Although you may not have a pet at the time of move-in, it is beneficial to consider a potential family addition in the future and how that may impact the home layout. 

7. Location

While the actual home may be a fit, is the location right for your family? I recommend thinking through work and school commutes, school districts, yard space and privacy, neighborhood safety and values, and whether you are close to family-friendly outdoor spaces.

8. Your Family’s Lifestyle 

Do you value privacy or prefer having neighbors in close proximity? Is a fenced-in outdoor space wanted for small children or pets? Thinking about your family’s lifestyle and cultural preferences can make for an easy transition to life in a new space.  

9. That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling

For us, the home means family. It is a space where we can all gather and create memories throughout the various uncertainties and excitements of life’s adventures. On top of all the practical considerations, the key to the “right home” is the love within the home.