Sandy Beach DollSandy Beach Doll

A Doll You Can Bring To The Beach And Not Destroy. Meet the Sandy Beach Doll.

By Babe | Photos by Sandy Beach Doll

Imagine this: a golden sun high in the sky, the embrace of warm sand beneath your feet, and the perfume of saltwater filling the air. What’s that? The kids? Oh, darling, they’re taken care of. They’re not screaming for a side of fries or whining about sunscreen. Instead, your sweet babe is nearby, their laughter the perfect beachside soundtrack as they’re immersed in play with their new bestie – the Sandy Beach Doll. Now doesn’t that sound like a slice of summertime bliss?

Mamas, you’re not dreaming.

The Sandy Beach Doll is no ordinary plaything for a day by the sea. To quote Kacey, one of the brand’s three founders, “Sandy Beach Doll is the first-ever doll designed specifically for water and beach play. Its charm lies in its ingenious reimagination of the classic ‘pail and shovel’ sand toy. Sandy, lovingly made using high-quality materials, promises hours of fun, from filling it up with sand and water at the beach to bubbly playtimes in the tub and beyond.”

And the muse behind Sandy? “The idea for Sandy was born from cherished childhood memories and has been reinvented for 21st-century play, inspiring a new wave of children with its ground-breaking design,” Kacey shares.

Sandy Beach Doll Founder with kids
Kacey, beachside with her daughters and their Sandy Beach Dolls.

This summer, as your little ones dive headfirst into a world of make-believe, they’ll simultaneously hone crucial skills like hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and imagination. Kacey explains, “Sandy Beach Doll is not just a toy, but an instrument of learning.”

Kacey, a mom to two toddlers, intimately understands the pivotal role toys play in children’s development. That’s why she and her co-founders designed the product with a keen eye on growth and development.

Beyond the obvious physical benefits, Sandy Beach Doll is also fashioned to encourage dramatic play among kids. They can explore in different scenarios, imitate life, and experiment with fresh ideas and emotions in a nurturing environment.

But let’s not forget about you, mama.

This is Babe, after all. We get it. Kacey, a mom herself, devised Sandy with you (yes, you) in mind. “We want to “wow” our tiny customers while ensuring that playtime with Sandy Beach Doll is a breeze.” With Sandy, water play is a joy and is a cinch to clean up. Translation: No knotted hair, moldy materials, and absolutely no tantrum-triggering wait times for drying.

And let’s talk style, shall we? Sand? Well, she’s a burgeoning style icon. “We wanted Sandy to be fashionable!

Inspired by my daughters, we designed Sandy in chic muted bathing suits, matching flower sunglasses for the doll and the child, shovel, stickers, and a waterproof beach tote for seamless packing for all adventures.”

So here’s the crux of it: Parents, the Sandy Beach Doll is more than a doll; it’s an opportunity to elevate your children’s summer experiences while making yours a tad simpler and a whole lot tidier. Here’s to a summer brimming with sunshine, sandcastles, and blissfully untangled doll hair!