The Latest Kids Collaboration You Need Meet Cerebelly’s Brain-Building Box

We love a good collab. Adidas x Gucci. Balmain x Barbie. It’s like you get the best of two rockstar brands in one product. It’s like the twofer of purchases. So when it comes to a collaboration benefiting our kids’ nutritional AND sensory development, honestly, what’s better?

That’s why we’re pretty enthused over Cerebelly’s new Brain-Building Box, a collaboration between Cerebelly and The Dough Project that offers kids the tools and nutrition for their budding imaginations and brains during a pretty critical time. (Like, did you know the brain doubles in size by age one and is nearly 80% developed by age three? Minds. Blown.)

The Brain-Building Box comes with smarter snacks from Cerebelly with brain-supporting nutrients and veggie-first, organic whole food ingredients that give kids the fuel they need to play. There’s also two pieces of playdough by The Dough Project made with 100% nontoxic ingredients colored from plants that’s geared towards strengthening those hand muscles, and one Make your Own Playdough Mix designed to inspire endless creativity. 

You’ll also get a card insert with a QR code that links back to a landing page that provides parents educational information about how Cerebelly and The Dough Project play into brain development. Bonus: on the back you’ll find a brain template for your little one to explore the brain with imagination.

 At $39.99, the Brain-Building box sounds like a better use of your cash than the latest Yeezy x Gap. Especially when a portion of proceeds benefits Baby2Baby to ensure kids everywhere in need get their best start. 

A collab that gives back too? Now we’re talking. 

This article was written in partnership with Cerebelly.