A Toy as Stylish in the Home as it is Beneficial for Kids (And it's not a screen!)

By Babe | Photos courtesy of HAUS

Once in a while a children’s toy comes along that ignites the imagination, inspires creativity and empowers a child to inhabit a world of their own making, and all without wifi service! Meet HAUS, a minimal, flatpack, all-weather playhouse for kids three and up that promotes fun, exploration, and storytelling, and can reinvent itself at every turn. A reusable blank canvas for children to explore their creativity, HAUS transforms a room or a backyard into a haven for playing, reading, drawing, storytelling and it gives kids a space to make up their own stories and adventures. 

HAUS founder, Janos Stone, comes from a long line of artists and designers interested in play. His grandparents, Gyorgy and Juliet Kepes, were members of the Bauhaus movement, and in the 1940s, their playroom helped establish the core principles for at-home creative play. 

“I designed The Children’s HAUS during the first months of the pandemic,” says Stone. “Like every family stuck inside, our kids needed a space they could call their own inside of our home. I wanted something like a pop-up playground that would stimulate active play and keep their creative imaginations growing even if we couldn’t go outside.”

HAUS was designed to be open and welcoming while maintaining a natural connection between the inside and the outside world. It’s also made of 100 percent recyclable plastic and can be washed down after a fun day of drawing all over it. This winter, Stone will expand the product offerings with a series of modular accessories and add-ons that can be played with inside the classic HAUS. We love that this mini-house transforms itself into whatever the kids want to it to be and that it’s not an eyesore. But perhaps the best part of HAUS….is that it’s not a screen.